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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Last night's FHE was an interesting one!

The Man had come home from work early with a terrible headache. I offered to do the lesson last night for him but he insisted, saying he already had an idea. Then he couldn't find the paper that his lesson was based on (I blame the gnomes) so he just grabbed the latest copy of the The Friend.

Opening Song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (yup, the Boy was in charge of songs).

Opening Prayer: Da Boo called on me to say the opening prayer.

Lesson: The Man read the story in The Friend from President Hinckley and his family having Family Home Evening. Then we discussed what we liked best about having FHE together. At first da Boo couldn't think of anything. I said I liked hearing the kids sing songs. The Man liked being together as a family, doing something together. The Boy was distracted by some toys that found their way under his chair. Da Boo said she liked to draw pictures for FHE. Then we all agreed that we liked the treats!

Closing Song: (after telling the Boy he had to pick a song other than Twinkle Little Star) Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree - and I had to keep from giggling the whole song because have you even seen a 2 year old doing the hand motions to that song? It's priceless! And just reinforces how much I like it when the kids sing.

Closing Prayer: da Boo. And I tried not to giggle when she prayed that the treats - which I was keeping secret - would taste good. Like I would give them brussel sprouts instead of something stuffed full of sugar.

Treat: Puppy Chow. I was in charge of treat but didn't have a chance to make it before FHE so after the lesson, I headed to the kitchen while the Man read more stories from the Friend. I listened as he read and just relished the feeling of family. Then he read this story. I laughed so hard, I almost messed up the treats and da Boo kept looking at me funny. After a few stories, the kids were getting restless so they switched to playing the Wii instead.


Kristie said...

Cute!! Twinkle, twinkle always makes it into our FHE's as well, but we always sing a ton of songs!!! Sounds like a great night!

Amanda said...

I want some of that puppy chow!!!! I'll have to make it sometime:) P and I LOVE to bake together---making treats is what we know how to do:) Love it when you have to resort to the Wii :)

bon said...

... couldn't find an email addy for ya. What is a "smash cake"?

Jessica G. said...

Smash cake is a tradition at first birthday parties, where the one-year-old gets small cake all to themselves. They smash it to pieces enthusiastically. Makes for great photo opportunities. :)

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