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Thursday, August 16, 2007

FHE: Music

Okay, I've been behind on the FHE posts. We didn't have a formal, sit down Family Home Evening this week due to my husband's concert. Instead, we talked about music a little and then went to the concert. This is how the conversation went:

Me: What is your favorite instrument, Boy?
Boy: Git-tar.
Me: Okay, good. How about you, Boo?
Da Boo: The Holy Ghost:
Me: ???
Da Boo: The Holy Ghost is God's instrument.

We arrived for the concert just after the second song began. Unfortunately, the Wasatch Winds were not the only ones to play that evening. American Fork's marching band was also there (just playing, no marching). The place was packed.

We wedged ourselves into some seats way on the top. Luckily, they were playing a fairly short set so it was too terribly uncomfortable. When da Boo started to get restless, I let her take some pictures. The Boy, however, was mesmerized the whole time.

And I was staring, too. Maybe drooling a little...

We stayed for the marching band's performance, too, but left our seats to join the Man. Ended up sitting on a stone wall behind the amphitheater's stage so the sound wasn't the greatest but it was very cool to watch their drum line, how in sync they were with their movements.

Afterwards, we headed home. It was drizzling on and off, so ideal weather. The kids were pretty tired. We split a leftover chocolate Easter bunny (how did that escape my chocolate cravings?) and went to bed pretty tired.


Debi said...

Was The Man in the marching band in high school? What a neat thing for your family to get to go to all these concerts. Here all 5 of my kids were in band and even musically inclined and no concerts anymore....(maybe Melissa will marry someone musical....)

Amanda said...

That is really neat that he plays in a band!!!! That looks like a beautiful theatre:)

Kristie said...

What a fun evening! I miss going to concerts!! It looks like a full house that night. And the Holy Ghost comment was too cute!!

AMBER said...

Wow, Jaquelyn was listening in Primary. The whole lesson was on how the Holy Ghost is an instrument. What a smart girl.... she gets it from her neighbor!

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