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Saturday, August 11, 2007


Kristie tagged me with this one. My very first tag! Yipppeee!

Here goes:

Jobs I've had:
1) Cookie Aficionado for GACC...in the mall...shear torture for a teenager.
2) Telemarketing - the really annoying kind, selling credit cards. I got cussed out routinely. Real mature people, picking on a poor girl who doesn't have a good enough resume to get a better job!
3) Temp Company. I got lousy assignments for the first few months, then got office work so that was more interesting.
4) "Team" member at Mervyn's.
5) Receptionist and then managed a product line for an aloe vera company.
6) Market research, the kind where we PAY you for your opinions. Hated the weeks we did the diaper testing (since the parents were required to bring the *used* diapers back).
7) Reading books onto tape for students at BYU. Possibly my favorite paying job.
8) Administrative Assistant for a financial planner. Possibly the worst job.
9) Wife and Mother. Best jobs!

Movies I love:
1) The Fifth Element
2) Stranger Than Fiction
3) The Princess Bride
4) Labyrinth (there's something about a man wearing that much make-up)

Places I've Lived:
1) Independence, MO
2) Wheat Ridge, CO
3) Carrollton, TX
4) Commerce, TX (for only one semester)
5) Provo, UT
6) Happy Place, UT (not gonna say the real town...remember, I'm paranoid).

Favorite TV shows
1) Heroes
2) House
3) Psych
4) The 4400 (although it's losing me...jumped the shark)
5) Medium
6) Burn Notice
But I don't get to watch a lot of TV that isn't pre-recorded.

Vacation Spots:
1) Zion's National Park. Any National Park, really. I'll even put the State Parks in there, too.
2) Anywhere near family (or in the case of my last vacation, with family).
3) London.

I have a list of my favorites right over there on my blog page. And if you look a little lower, you'll see the blogs that I frequent. So there ya have it!

Places I'd Rather be:
1) On the couch, watching a movie with the Man.
2) Closer to more family.
3) If I have to be out of the house, I love to go window shopping. Don't have to buy anything, I just like to look.

People I want to tag:
Ummmm...most everyone I know with a blog has already been tagged...
1) Lyn
2) Emma
3) Kelly
4) Wendy
5) Tawny

And if you don't see this tag appear on their blogs, comment on there that they are being slackers! hehehehe...


Kristie said...

Yeah!! I enjoyed reading your tag!!! I had no idea about a bunch of those jobs. Thanks for letting us know a little more about you!!! :)

Debi said...

Reading books on tape sounds like a fun job to me, too!!

Amanda said...

I remember when you worked at that market research place. I think Steve or I did a survey there while you worked there:)

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