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Saturday, August 18, 2007


Well, crud.

Today, overall, was a fairly good day. I decorated a cake, went to a party/BBQ with some good buddies, even have an great embarassing story to tell all of the Boy's future girlfriends. BUT then something happened. I can't tell the Internet without you running away, scratching your eyes out and yelling "TMI! TMI!" so just trust me when I say this blew my whole weekend to pieces.

And now I am in a funk. Grumbly and moody. Not even the secret stash of good chocolate seems to help. Maybe I need to try something different....What do you do when you are in a lousy mood? What is the one thing that really pulls you through?


Amber said...

Well- the cake is fun! I don't get to do too many boy cakes. I like the flames!

When I'm in a lousy mood I do one or several of the following:
1. take a nap
2. Go out with girl friends
3. eat ice cream
4. Take a bubble bath
5. spend money
6. Have a temper tantrum and scare my family (this one I try to avoid- and my dh usually recognizes the signs of impending danger and sends me to do one of numbers 1-5)

Debi said...

The best thing to do when you are in a super grumpy mood is.... "do something nice for somebody else and it will make you happy, joyful, gladly....it doesn't have to be something grand, something small will do....." That is from a song by Janene Brady of the Brite Music tapes. It really is true. I can be in the worst mood and if I can just get away from my own thoughts by helping someone else, it makes me feel so much better.

Debi said...

Another suggestion.....try walking another mile or two...physical exercise is good for you, too :)

Kristie said...

Those are all great suggestions!!! I like to take a nice long bath, swim/ bike till I am just too exhausted to be in a funk or get out and do something different. Lot os times just forcing myself to take my kids to the park or something like that will put me in a better mood!! I hope that you get out of your funk soon!!!!

Amanda said...

man.....a funk...something we all get in at times......and sometimes can't get out of for days!

all good things listed....hummmm try any of them....or try all of them!

I usually just cry, and then get over it and do laundry! Sounds funny I know but I always feel better when all the clothes are clean. And If I lay in bed and eat chocolate I usually just become more depressed. I think a walk is good but only if it is not burning up out side and only if you don't have a "jimmy"-toe that feels like it is on fire when you walk! LOL! Hope today is better:)

jeneflower said...

I just had to read this list of comments to see if there was anything helpful for bad moods. Looks like some good ideas. For me- cleaning the house really well usually helps me. It makes me feel more in control of my life for some reason. Anyway, I hope you are feeling better!

Rupper Family said...

What might make you feel better comes from Jack Handy . . .get a pumpkin, write "you" on a piece of paper, then stab it into the pumpkin and leave it on the doormat of someone you dislike immensely. Or, you could randomly decorate someone's car with "just married" decor--or watch an episode of Flight of the Conchords-all things which will make you laugh and laugh and forget about whatever you're upset about. Unless you're in jail for whatever it was, in which case I have no suggestions, you're screwed.

Jessica G. said...

Good suggestions! I did the following: spent money, read a book (instead of cleaning), did a load of laundry, baked brownies for a neighbor (who is far too skinny after having 3 kids), and cried. Now I feel much better. Thank you for all your help!
And thanks Wendy, for making me laugh!

Emily said...

Call my sister!

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