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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Batter Blaster - Revisited

Since so many of you either commented or emailed with questions about the Batter Blaster, I decided to answer in another post instead of just a really long-winded comment.

So here goes:

The Man got the Batter Blaster when he toured the local storehouse with our bishopric. The facility had received four pallets of this new item and were handing them out in 3-packs to anyone who stopped by that day.

At the time, it was not known if the storehouse will begin carrying this item on a full-time basis. I will keep you posted. However, I did a search and right now, the only store locally that carries this is located in Riverton. If you visit the Batter Blaster website you can search for a local distributor with your zip code (they even have recipe ideas, which are a little scary-sounding). Some customer comments said they purchased the product from Costco, so ask at the one closest to you.

We will be trying this as waffles soon. I think they will taste better in a waffle iron. They seemed better suited for it, being a little crustier than the usual pancake.

And it's way fun to play with! Would be really fun to write your name with the stuff!

Tonight, I was telling Aunt Denise about it but mis-spoke and said "Bladder Blaster." She thought I was talking about a new size of Big Gulp. And now I cannot say the correct name...dang it!


Kristie said...

Hot Dog!!! Thanks for the link. I looked it up and who would have known that it was selling in a store right here by my house. :) I might just have to make a run to Meijer to get some tomorrow and try it out!!!!!!

Zach said...

Kamille and I stopped by that grocery store in Riverton, and they didn't actually have any.

Zach said...

In case anyone cares, we finally found Batter Blaster at the Good Earth in American Fork.

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