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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

FHE: Choose the Right

As if you didn't already know...I can totally be bought. But I ain't cheap.

Case in point: the Man came home from work on Monday, completely exhausted. Try as he might, he just could not think of a lesson for FHE. I am pretty merciless when it comes to his turn to teach, considering I teach 3 out of 4 lessons. Instead of being the loving wife and offering to take over that evening, I was a ruthless mercenary and told him my price. He has to take me to dinner at Tucanos, a local restaurant that we usually only go to when my father-in-law is visiting. He agreed.

It just so happened that I had substituted in Primary on Sunday (again) so I had a mini-lesson all ready to go by just picking a section from there. The main lesson was on how the Holy Ghost helps us to choose between right and wrong.

Opening Song: Twinkle Little Star (what? Surely you know the drill by now!)

Opening Prayer: da Boo (well, it supposed to be da Boo helping the Boy but he stopped talking about the first sentence so she carried on.)

Lesson: I asked the kids how they feel when they help Mommy carry clothes to the laundry room, if they get a good feeling or a sad feeling. Answer: Good. Then I asked how they feel when they are fighting with each other, if it's a good feeling or a sad feeling. Answer: Sad (although the Boy said he felt hungry).

I had some pictures to show them of little kids like them doing things. I wanted them to show me with their faces if these kids would feel happy inside or might be feeling sad. So big smiles or frowns. (By this point, we lost the Boy...he was chasing a ball around.) I found the pictures here.

  • Boy carrying trash can outside: Smile.
  • Little boy with a cigarette: Frown (and a lecture on how smoking is bad for you).
  • Girl giving her bishop a tithing envelope: Smile (although I had to explain this one a little more).
  • Big brother with arm around crying little brother: Smile.
  • Little boy taking cars that belong to his friend:Frown.
  • Two older boys being mean to a little boy: Frown.
  • Little girl holding out a plate of cookies: Smile.

Then I asked da Boo where those happy and sad feelings inside came from. She wasn't sure, so I explained. Heavenly Father and Jesus want us to choose the right and be happy so they sent their special friend the Holy Ghost to whisper those feelings into our hearts. The Holy Ghost helps us feel all warm and squishy inside when we choose good and he nudges us with sadness when we don't make such a good choice.

It's very basic. I was losing their attention. We'll cover more of the Holy Ghost another time. And hey! I didn't show them a movie this time!

Closing Song: Listen, Listen (The Man didn't know this one...I guess he needs to sub in Primary, now that he's been released from the bishopric!)

Closing Prayer: The Man.

Treats: A small piece of strawberry cake and a few M&Ms...because the kids couldn't decide which one they would rather have.


Kristie said...

Great lesson as always!!! Thanks for always giving us great ideas for FHE!!! And enjoy that dinner!!!!!!

The Donkey said...

Tucanos? Mmmmm. That is our favorite. Nice blog!

Amanda said...

mmmmmmm! ya lost me after I saw that cake!

Jan said...

Great ideas. I am always being called to substitute. I watched the clock up until 9:30pm on Saturday night. After that I know that I get to go to RS. I like it though. I might use those pics sometime. Thanks.

Debi said...

In the later years when it was only Melissa and Aaron, Mike and I, we sometimes used to sing primary songs that Mike didn't know yet. We called it our "practice" song. Then, after we had sung it a few weeks in a row, we gave him "the test." He had to sing it by himself to show us he knew it. :) It taught him new songs and the kids love it when the parents don't know everything!

Jen said...

MMmmm Tucanos. It has been a long time since I have been to visit and last time I we traveled with Jason's parents so we didn't go to Tucanos. After we move and I quit my job I'm going to have to come visit. I'm glad to know when Josh is old enough to be apart of FHE I can just steal all of your lessons. :)

Jen said...

I just thought it would have been really cool to go up with my mom over spring break if I didn't have to work that week.

Amber said...

Fun lesson! I like the smoking lecture.

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