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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Meet Sven

Last week was my week. I had an awesome Valentine's Day, won not one but two contests and lost three pounds!

I won this contest with this video. If you haven't watched it yet, save it for when you are feeling impossibly grouchy and need reassurance that there is still good left in the world. For my prize, I got to pick anything I wanted from this Etsy store. It was a difficult choice but ultimately, I settled on Sven. Hollywood creates these fantastic personalities to go along with her stuffed creatures. You have to read his story to really understand him. He is so incredibly soft, I might just take him to bed with me, since the Man is out of town tonight.

Sven arrived this afternoon. While thrilled to see the snow banked around our house, he also took note of my non-swimmer's physique. He tried for 17 minutes to convince me that I needed to swim the English Channel, to make a name for myself. I showed him my metal shoulder. He suggested my Bionic-ness might add to my media appeal. I gave him a dirty look. Before he could "encourage" me further, he was snatched away by da Boo and spent the rest of the afternoon watching a Barbie movie and hugging a horse.


Kristie said...

He is very cute!! I think that I am going on comment strike though until you come over and make some whitty comment on my blog!!! I am missing your funny comments!!! They always make my day!

Amber said...

Sven is adorable (although it looks like he needs to be on meds). Lucky girl- I hope the hubby doesn't get too jealous. I love the Indian superman- it totally cracks me up!

Emma said...

Sven. What a hot penguin, don't tell him or his ego might get to big. I personally am partial to Hollywoods flying pig. Lucky Lady!

Hollywood said...

The eagle has landed. Poor Sven. It's hard being a control freak in a house with kids! Make sure you guys don't take any crap from him.

And lady, those cupcakes look delicious!

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