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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Product Review: Chicago Cupcakes Tray Two

Shall we skip the intro and get to it? In order as they appear in the tray...

Tray Two:

Cherry Almond

This was the Co-ed's first choice and consequently, the first cupcake we tried. It smelled heavenly! The cake was vanilla and the frosting was cherry almond flavored, of course. These cupcakes were not very tall at all, around 1 1/2 inches, and were topped with a good 2-3 inches of frosting.
Co-ed: Frosting tastes like ice cream. 6
Aunt D: Lots of frosting. The Boy was happy to assist her with any she was unable to finish. 7
Me: I thought the cake tasted a lot like shortbread but was a little disappointed that there wasn't more flavor. 6


Peanut butter cake with raspberry jelly frosting! There was also a chocolate-dipped potato chip on top. Rather clever!
Co-ed: Tastes just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! 8
Aunt D: Really liked the frosting. 7
Me: I thought the peanut butter cake was really good. 8

Classic Yellow

Don't hate us but we couldn't do it...we couldn't dig our forks into another cupcake. So we awarded this one immune and called it a night. The Co-ed took one of these home and told me today that it was really good. Also, da Boo declared these her favorite because they looked just like the cupcakes described in one of her Junie B. Jones books: fluffy white frosting with rainbow sprinkles.

Malt Ball

Aunt Denise selected this one to try. She got to eat the malt ball on top. And sadly, this was a nice chocolate cupcake with plain vanilla frosting. The only thing malt about it was the candy decoration on top.
Co-ed: Tastes like a regular cupcake. 4
Aunt D: Expected a malt flavor, disappointed. 5
Me: Has a name like Malt Ball but with vanilla frosting? Doesn't make sense. 5

And that's it! Those are the cupcakes! There were more than a dozen leftover, even after I sent the Co-ed and Aunt Denise home with some. I took the rest to a dinner party tonight where we had a mini taste test. Double Chocolate is the clear winner. PBJ and Red Velvet were well liked, too. The Chocolate Chip Cheesecake and Malt Ball got the lowest scores, although the cheesecake one was a favorite tonight. (Read about Tray One here.)

Thank you to Molly for hosting the contest where I won these cupcakes. It was a lot of fun to try them out. They were so beautiful to look at and rather tasty, too. And I have a new cake posted.


Amanda said...

YOu are amazing with cakes!!!!!!

Jan said...

The malt ball look really good. But it always comes down to the chocolate. Yummy stuff here.

Jen said...

Those looked yummy. I'm not sure if I could eat all the frosting though. I finally posted a picture of my purse. :) better late than never.

Debi said...

The bunny cake is so CUTE! I think you should try making a cake that looks like SVEN!! :)

Kelly said...

OMG girls talk about a sugar overload. How did you do that? They look very tasty. Jessie, next time I'll fly out for that kind of tasting:)

Janell said...

Wow. That's a ton of frosting.

Kristie said...

That was a lot of taste testing!! I love your new bunny cake too!! So cute!!! You always do a fantastic job on your cakes!

The Ward Family said...

I am trying to lose weight, but every time I leave your site I am hungry!!!

Heather said...

Hey this article was on MSN today...it features the place you got your cupcakes from. Atleast I think it's that place because it had the Peanut Butter and Jelly cupcake.

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