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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

FHE: Love One Another

Since I've been slacking the last few weeks, I was determined to make this one a little better. It helped that I got a nap this afternoon (laid down "for just a minute" and woke up nearly 2 hours later!). Gotta love those pain killers.

For dinner, we had some more of the Batter Blaster. We decided we didn't much like the waffles it made last time. This time, I had fun making letters and fancy shapes. Because I am the coolest Momma ever!

Opening Song: Love at Home (the Boy threatened a meltdown when his selection of Twinkle Little Star was vetoed.)

Opening Prayer: The Man.

Lesson: I asked the kids about their bedtime routines, where we go through certain steps before we get into bed. With each child, I have a different way of saying "I love you." They remembered that part (well, the Boy did after a little coaching). Then we talked about how we love our family.

Me: Why did I make pancakes for dinner tonight?
Boo: Because we were hungry.
Boy: Mmmmm...pancakes.
Me: Do I make them every time you're hungry?
Boo: No.
Boy: Pancakes good.
Me: I made pancakes tonight because it's a special dinner and I wanted to do something nice for you. Do you know why?
Boo: Because you're a nice Momma? (she totally gets bonus points!)
Boy: Eat pancakes now, Mommy?
Me: I wanted to do something nice for you because I love you.
Boo: Ohhhhhh...right.

Then we talked about how we can be nice to each other by doing special things for the people we love. I told them that Valentine's Day was this week and we should try to find ways to help each other every day, to show our love. They got a little distracted when I mentioned we can put away our siblings' shoes for them, then they both dashed around, trying to find a pair of shoes to put away. I asked them different ways to show love. I was then attacked by both of them giving me hugs and kisses. I liked that part.

Before the song, I told them the song was from the scriptures, that Jesus loves us very much and he wants us to love each other, too.

Closing Song: Love One Another

Closing Prayer: Me (because the kids were far too excited about giving and getting Valentines to sit still.)

Activity: Put together Valentines for their classmates. I got the ones that come with tattoos because they're fun and the kids are going to get lots of candy any way. Did the same thing with Halloween treats - I gave glow bracelets instead of candy. Means all the more candy for me!

Treat: We had Wendy's for lunch today so they got to eat their Frosty.

We will have the traditional heart-shaped dinner this year. Last year, I made pizza so I wanted to do something else this time. I was out-voted. Pizza, again. At least the dessert will be new.


AMBER said...

Sounds like fun- Someday I will be as cool as you in planning my FHE lessons. Yesterday, we had the BYU kids over and my kids basically wrestled for an hour.

Well, Jermie's cooking dinner this year on Valentine's Day, so we may be crashing your heart shaped dinner- hehe just kidding- I have absolute faith in my husband....

Holly said...

Great FHE lesson. I will probably steal this at some point!

Rupper Family said...

We usually get a heart-shaped pizza for Valentine's every year. I love that I don't have to cook, Brett loves that it's a dinner packed with pepperoni and cheese.
That's about all we do as I still think the day was contrived by the Hallmark company! Remember that anti V.D. party we had one year? Good times.
I do enjoy doing something special for the kids though. Pancakes for breakfast would be good as it's one of the few things my kids always love eating. Yes, I'll be stealing from your lesson Jessica!

Emma said...

Love the lesson. We also did Valentine's for FHE. My mom use to make heart shaped meatloaf for VD. I like the pizza idea, I am buying one for dinner tomorrow from Papa Murphy's. VD dinner will be Michaels favorite chicken cordon blue. I love it when the kids are so loving.

Kristie said...

Great lesson! I must say that we didn't have our usual FHE this week as I called Barth home early from work and then crashed because I was sick!!!! This was a great one though. Oh....and I meant to tell you that I actually went out and bought some batter blaster to try just because it looked so fun. And while it was fun, it was NOT worth the $4 price tag that accompanied it!!! Sorry! Don't think I will do that one again. I think I'll stick with the $1.25 box of mix from Wal-Mart. :)

Jan said...

Tatoos and FHE. Thats a new fresh idea. Sounds like a fun night to me.

Jan said...

Tatoos and FHE. Thats a new fresh idea. Sounds like a fun night to me.

Amber said...

My mom got one of those batter blasters (she volunteers at the storehouse) she was really disappointed when I'd already sen it and knew what it was. I told her it was your fault so now you're on the naughty list.

I usually make a fancy dinner for Valentines day- but this year I think it's going to get postponed on account of our sicknesses here.

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