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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Product Review: Chicago Cupcakes Tray One

Since the Man was not home Friday night, I invited over Aunt Denise and the Co-ed for a Girl's Night. We had Costa Vida for dinner and after watching a little Pride & Prejudice (the Colin Firth version), we returned to the table for the cupcakes.

I have to tell you, I was so very excited about these cupcakes. Not only were these a prize, but they were just sooooo pretty. There were 24 cupcakes from Chicago Cupcakes, eight different flavors with three of each kind. Scores are given on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being "Worse than licking the bottom of my foot" and 10 being "So wonderful that my tastebuds have been translated and now live with Baby Jesus." We cut one cupcake into four pieces, one for each adult and one for the kids to share/fight over.

Ready? Here goes: Tray One (being the top tray in the box).

Chocolate Merlot

As I licked my fingers after removing this cupcake from the tray, I thought it was rather tasty, very raspberry/grape-ish. The cupcake was a nice chocolate but ordinary. The Boy particularly enjoyed picking off the chocolate curls.
Co-ed: First bite was the best. Started as 10, dropped to a 7
Aunt D: The aftertaste is not good. 5
Me: Mmmmm...except for the afterburn. Merlot is a kind of wine and the icing tastes like it. 7

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

Da Boo loved this one. She insisted on eating all the chips that we didn't eat. The cake was white with only a few chocolate chip on the bottom. Frosting was cream cheese.
Co-ed: The cake part was nothing special. 4
Aunt D: Average. 5
Me: Cream cheese frosting was pretty good but a little disappointed with the promise of "chocolate." 5

Red Velvet

This was my first choice! I thought it was so pretty and I haven't had red velvet cake in ages. Aunt Denise had never heard of Red Velvet so this was a learning experience for her. Cake was, of course, red velvet and the frosting was same cream cheese as the cheesecake.
Co-ed: Frosting kinda over-powers the cake flavor. 6
Aunt D: Good frosting! 7
Me: I really like this cream cheese frosting and would like to know their secret on how they got it so light and fluffy. 8

Double Chocolate

Oooooh, baby! Couldn't wait to get my fork into this one! This was the Boy's first choice. He kept calling it a spooky cupcake. Not sure where he got that but it was sure funny to hear him say "oh, dat's spooky!" and then pretend to be scared. Cake was chocolate and so was the frosting. Surprising, no?
Co-ed: Frosting tastes like ice cream! (This was the only one out of all eight flavors where the Co-ed actually ate all the frosting...) 9
Aunt D: Chocolate! ('nuf said!) 9
Me: First of all, I am a chocolate snob. Yes, it was good but maybe I was expecting...more. 8.5

And that's it for the top tray. Look back tomorrow for Tray Two. Remember, we did try these in one sitting and it's taken a bit to recover from the sugar overload.


Amanda said...

See---I don't even think I would rate them as high as you did....I wanted to see what you said. I think the look is a 10! They have that down....beyond the prettiness I think my cupcakes taste better. I didn't like their red velvet cake at all or the cream cheese frosting and I usually LOVE those things! Molly and I decided that we don't think their fully whipped frosting freezes and defrosts well...at least it didn't in her house. But it's fun to try anything for free--right??!!

Jo said...

I am so disappointed! They look so amazing, I want them to taste like a slice of heaven.

BkenneyBme said...

Ok, I've got a couple things to say here (I actually had a sheet to take notes on as I read the blog). First-of course the Colin Firth version, if you knew how I felt about the @%!*% Kiera Knightly version you would have to delete my post (it's "spooky"). Moving on...
And how do you know what Merlot Wine tastes like.....?
Next, it looks like there is about 2" of frosting on top of a little piece of cake...is it true?
They look delicious. From looks I would give them (in order) 9, 8, 9, 7, although I am sure they rate different for the taste. I look forward to the next installment. And where was The Man? Work? I sure hope not.

Emma said...

Still wishing I was there to taste test!

Jan said...

That was way less than I expected from the purple cupcake. Now the chocolate one looks fab. I wanted it to be like a bite of heaven in each taste. But it sounds pretty good.

Holly said...

Wow. Cupcakes, good company and Colin Firth. It doesn't get much better than that!

Kristie said...

Sorry that they weren't as good as you were thinking, but they still do look yummy!! I LOVE that version of Pride and prejudice. I can watch it over and over and not get tired of it.......

Robyn said...

Those look very pretty, but Im concerned about all that frosting! It would make me want to vomit! Ill tell you were to get the most heavenly cupcakes is a little place in AF called flour girls and dough boys! they are delish!

Tausha said...

Frosting Frosting Frosting! I am jealous, it it would have been me-i would have skipped the cake and just rated on the frosting! i am one of those people who eat frosting from the can with a spoon! You are one lucky lady! I never win nothin!(yes i am complaining!)

Brillig said...

Hey, they're pretty. And surely that's ALL that matters, right? :-D

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