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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

FHE: The Safe Side

After all the blog and real-life comments from people who read my FHE posts, I am feeling a little nervous. What if my FHEs get boring? What if we start repeating the same lessons? What if you won't hold my hand on the third date? Oh wait...that's a different kind of nervous.

Monday began with a call to the doctor's office. The Boy was sporting a brand new case of the croup. After nearly 2 1/2 hours spent traveling to, waiting (sometimes while sitting on the floor), going back to room, waiting some more (but with fruit snacks this time!), holding a squirming Boy as he is poked and prodded, then holding a writhing Boy as he gets a shot, trying to console poor injured Boy, hauling very heavy and crying Boy back to car, and driving home with the constant ebb and flow of sobbing, I was tired. And then the Boy wouldn't take a nap. Of course. So yesterday? Not a good day. And that doesn't even include the tales I could share about da Boo's regressing and having accidents daily! For FHE last night, I kinda copped out.

At the library, I found a movie that teaches kids about being safe around people they don't know. We've checked it out a couple times because the kids love it. And if you don't grin like an idiot when the Boy says "Safe Side Super Chick," then you, my friend, have a heart of stone. It was da Boo's turn to teach the lesson so I whispered my plan in her ear and she was on board.

Opening Song: Twinkle Little Star (because the Man made the mistake of asking for suggestions.)

Opening Prayer: The Boy - and he thanked God for stars.

Lesson: Da Boo and I visited the Safe Side website and looked through their teaching guides. Using this, I read a Hot Tip and da Boo explained why we should do this. There is some lingo involved so she carefully explained these terms to the Man, who hasn't yet had the thrill of watching that movie three times in a row.

Don't Know - someone you don't know. I like this term because you can remind your kids to be a little more careful in public without offending anyone who doesn't consider themselves a "stranger."
Kinda Know - someone you know a little bit but not all that well, like older siblings friends, other teachers at school, some neighbors, etc. Also a useful term.
Safe Side Super Chick - The hostess of the movie, a superhero that changes the color of her shirt depending on the danger of each situation: green for safe, yellow for be careful and red for DANGER!
Safety Circle - your personal space. Don't allow don't knows to get too close.
Safe Side Super Adult - people you can trust your child with. These include teachers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc. These should be adults who help your child feel comfortable, that they can ask for help if there's a problem.

We reviewed the Hot Tips about being safe with running commentary from da Boo. We asked her a few questions, gave her scenarios and such. She did wonderfully. Her brother, on the other hand, dissolved into a puddle of whining goo about halfway through.

Closing Song: I Am A Child Of God.

Closing Prayer: The Man.

Treats: Adcoma cake. I made this for a neighbor who had recently done something very nice for me but when I went to deliver it, she wasn't home! She wasn't home the two other times I tried to take it over so...we ate it. If you did something nice for me recently...well, sorry about your cake. But it was delicious!


Holly said...

Wow. Do you share your FHE lesson every week? This one is terrific!

Emma said...

Yet again you are an inspiration. Wish I lived close enough for you to make a cake for me. I have been wanting to make your strawberry cloud, I will have to let you know how that turns out!

This Guy said...

I need to watch that movie, sounds like I can apply that concept to espionage and anti-terrorism. I'll be Safe Side Super Agent fighting the Evil Osama bin Don't Know! Needs a little work, but I'll get it eventually.

Kristie said...

Sorry you had a bad day!! We have had several of those ourselves lately!! You always do a great job on your FHEs! Hope that today is better!

Amanda said...

Your FHE posts not only give idea's but always make me laugh:) And it also makes me feel the need to bake that cake!

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