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Friday, February 8, 2008

My New Love

Change is good. Sometimes, you get stuck in a rut day after day. Ruts are safe, happy places for some and we dare not venture out. But I was coldly plucked from my happy little rut and forced to guzzle a whole new concept. And now? I am in love!

It started at Christmas. We spent the holiday with my brother's family. Had a great time. Got some great gifts. But what I also got was a bad case of the love bug.

Nearly moments after we arrived, my brother offered us a bevy of beverage choices. I would have happily reached for the Dr Pepper and been content with my happy rut but no! My brother puts another can in my hand. Perhaps because he is older, wiser and used to beat the living snot out of me as a child, I obeyed his direction and took a sip.

This is what he gave me:

And this is how it tastes:

Yeah. It's that good. Now I am thoroughly addicted! I like Diet Dr Pepper. It's good. But this tastes like Diet Dr Pepper with a cordial cherry dissolved in it. Not too cherry-ish and not too fake-chocolately. Very nice. And it's a pretty color.

When we got back home, I added Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Chocolate to list of essential items, right up there with diapers and milk. Imagine my horror when my normal grocery store didn't carry it! I had to go to Wal-Mart and even then, no love. Luckily for me, my local grocery store will special order things. When we first moved here, I had them special order Nutella and now it's a regular item on the shelf. Because I am a trend setter, baby. So I asked them to get the new Limited Edition lovin'. And they did! And I bought several 12 packs! And I'm almost out...I hope they have more because I am going grocery shopping tomorrow. Might get me some more Nutella, too.


Lindy said...

Now we know what you'll be stocking in your food storage--I hate when I fall in love with things that are "limited edition." I'm going to go get me some.

Kristie said...

Not a fan of carbonated drinks, but I'm glad you found something that you LOVE!!! That is always fun!

Emma said...

Too bad it is a limited edition. Stock up while you can!

The Ward Family said...

I am going to have to try that. I love Dr. Pepper!!!!


Heather said...

It sort of in a non-appropriate way reminds me of a certain Seinfeld episode.

Are you going to have to decide if your guests are limited edition worthy?

Amanda said...

I love me some diet Cherry coke--I used to have one a day. But since I have been preggo---It makes me sick....I just have to drink boring, water, juice, or waste my calories on the full-sugar loaded drinks. Maybe it is the aspertame (sp)? But if I drink one--I regret it:( WWAAAHHH! I love to feel that "burn" going down! Can you tell I miss it!? This is going to be a LONG pregnancy! My favorite breakfast used to be that and something good and sweet--a piece of cake--cinn. rolls---or anything else that normal people would not eat for breakfast:) I will try it when my pregnancy ends IF they still have it.

Jill said...

Where did you finally get it??

I haven't tried it, but I think I need to.

Jessica G. said...

If anyone tries it, let me know what you think!

Jill - I got it from Macey's. They still had some when I went there today! Yippeeeee!

sillyhaywardfamily said...

Sounds good to me!!! I will let you know what I think!!!

Rupper Family said...

I passed that flavored D.P. last week and wondered if I'd like it. Thanks for the recommendation-it may be my new guilty pleasure-well, not guilty actually, it's diet right!?!

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