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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

FHE: The Scriptures Teach About Jesus Christ

I'm still taking advantage of the fact that I substituted in Primary. There was a really great Sharing Time lesson so I copied it for our lesson tonight. (Oh, and still haven't gotten the dinner he promised me...I think I'm going to start hiding his socks until he makes good on his promise.)

Opening Song: Twinkle Little Star (I could probably skip this part of the recounting, since it's the same every week, let we suffer the wrath of the Boy.)

Opening Prayer: The Man.

Lesson: I made the kids a little booklet (just like the one from Sharing Time). Each page was titled with a different book of scriptures. I talked about each book first and how it taught us about Jesus along with a word or two word that defined those teaching. Then the kids got to draw a picture that went along with a theme word.
  • Old Testament: Isaiah prophesied about the coming of a Christ, that Jesus would be our Savior. The theme was birth of Christ. Da Boo drew a little cocoon baby. The Boy scribbled.
  • New Testament: Here is the recounting of Christ's ministry and all that he accomplished for us. One of those things was his baptism, the theme. Da Boo drew two ghost-shaped figures standing in a circle, representing Jesus and John the Baptist in the river. The Boy scribbled some and then drew circles on the other pages.
  • Book of Mormon: In this book, we read about Christ's teachings among the people on the American continent, how he wanted them to serve one another. The theme was serving others. Da Boo drew herself walking someone's dog. The Boy didn't really color but did enjoy pretending to be a dog.
  • Doctrine and Covenants: The Prophet Joseph Smith received important revelations and those were written here. Among them were things about how families can be together forever. Da Boo drew a stick figure family (with the Boy crying...don't ask me why). The Boy drew a series of circles...and if the biggest circle - the one that encompassed another page - turns out to be me, he is sooooo not getting a treat tonight.
  • Pearl of Great Price: The scriptures here tell of the creation of our world and the part that Jesus Christ played in that. I asked them to draw something that they liked about our earth. Da Boo drew the earth itself, proclaiming a large wedge to be Utah. The Boy drew a circle and then stabbed it with his crayon several times.
  • Modern-Day Prophets: We are trying to help the kids understand that Thomas S. Monson is now the Prophet. I told them how, when he talks to us in General Conference (which the kids know as "church you get to watch on tv in your jammies"), he tells stories about the kind things that people can do for others. They were supposed to draw something nice they can do for someone else. Da Boo drew a cat eating from a dish. The Boy drew a series of circles and scribbled on them.
Closing Song: Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam

Closing Prayer: Da Boo. She prayed that Daddy would give a good lesson. Huh?

Treats: I made a cake earlier that day. There were trimmings from the cake and lots of frosting leftover. I let the kids have their own little circles (apparently the Boy's theme tonight) of cake and I used frosting to write whatever they wanted. Da Boo asked for her name. The Boy asked for - I kid you not - "stinky," which you can make out a little on the parts he hadn't eaten yet.


Amanda said...

Love the "stinky" !!!!!

Jan said...

They really are getting it. The boy that is. These are funny times. Cherish every stinky moment. My son who is on a mission, was all the way like the boy. He turned out so stinkin great. Love this post. You 7 ft. cows are on their way for your kitchen. My husband likes yellow cake. LOL>

Dedee said...

Love the stinky, and loved reading your cupcake taste test posts. My dh was reading over my shoulder and alternately laughing or shaking his head in dis-belief.

Melissa said...

I found you through LDS Women Blogs!
What a great FHE idea! I'm always looking for fun things to do with the kids... this would be great!

Kristie said...

First of all I have to say that I thought that being the biggest circle is a great honor. They say that kids draw the things that are most important to them the largest....so feel flattered! You are the center of his universe!!! I enjoyed the lesson. They did this one a few weeks ago in our primary and then had the kids go home and teach it to their families for FHE. It was fun to get the kids' perspective on things!!! And that Dino cake is ADORABLE!!!!

Lucy said...

This is a great idea for fhe. Perfect for my kids. We'll have to skip the cake though (so sad, because for me...it's the best part!).

Nice to meet you the other day!

Hilary said...

Hey, thanks for posting this, I'm doing FHE on the 8th article of faith tonight, and this will really come in handy. Thanks!

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