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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Project After: The Bathroom

Way back in the spring, we started painting the downstairs bathroom (really a "powder room" but we're not picky). You might want to refresh your memory a little. Here are pictures from the finished bathroom project:

Here is the shelf I made to hold up the big letters. And the little cows were a souvenir from a recent trip. They smell like chocolate milk.

I had this print framed because I liked it so much. Print: $1. Frame: $54. Having a picture up on the wall: priceless.


Kristie said...

Oooooo....I LOVE it!!!! Want to come do mine? I just love Americana stuff. I am so glad that you posted the finished product. It looks amazing!

Hollywood said...

Gah! How come framing costs SO MUCH?? It really makes me crazy. Crazy. Crazy I tell you. But the good news is that your bathroom looks fantastic! I think I'd have trouble using it because the urge to stand up from the toilet and say the pledge of allegiance would be so overwhelming. Maybe you'd get over it though...

Amanda said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Americana!!!! Seriously I want to do our Playroom upstairs in it someday! You did an AWESOME job! Looks AMAZING! Where did you buy that flag print? I LOVE IT! Totally worth the framing!!!

Emma said...

I really like your bathroom decor. I to like Americana stuff. The $1 print is great. Great job, thanks for sharing pictures!!!

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