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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Sorry for the posting drought. Things have been a little busy and let's face it, I'll take any opportunity to slack off. So for your enjoyment today, I am listing some of my favorite words from da Boo's vocabulary.
  1. Can't Denise. Translation: Aunt Denise. She never called her Aunt 'Nise. It was Can't Denise from the beginning. Sadly, this word had been replaced with the proper pronunciation.
  2. Mine. Translation: Mommy. From the time she started talking to about her 2nd birthday, I was Mine. Now, she calls me "Moooooooooom!" (to get the proper effect, make sure you say it super whiny).
  3. Breckbist. Translation: Breakfast. I'm not encouraging her to change this; it's cute. Just ask my sister Emily how she has always pronounced this word.
  4. Resternot. Translation: Restaurant. This one is fading, too, but she sometimes uses it.
  5. Fanny On Even. Translation: Family Home Evening. Kinda sounds like a new dance move. Her brother slaughters this one even more. Never know what he's talking about.
  6. Bears. Translation: Teddy Grahams. Not really a mis-speak but still leads to confusion in babysitters.
  7. Bee Cereal. Translation: Honey-nut Cheerios. Same as above. Causes some interesting looks of concern that we might feed our children winged insects for breckbist.
  8. Abba Dabba. Translation: Abby, da Boo's best friend. Seriously, she rarely calls her friend by her given name.
  9. Stew-whoa-whoa. Translation: Stool. Never quite understood where this one came from but she insists that this is the way to say it and encourages the Boy to follow suit.
  10. The Chocolate Store. Translation: Heaven - just kidding! See's Chocolates at the mall. This is not to be confused with any other storefront that might offer cacao bean-based products. Only the See's at the local mall is the Chocolate Store. She even knows where it is located. She gets that from me.

So what are some of the cute things your little ones say that make you giggle every time?


Kristie said...

Too fun! I am so glad that you are back! I've been missing you all week! I think my favorite mis-speak from my kids has got to be han-ga-ber for hamburger. I love little kid talk!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

LOL!!! Made me laugh! I can't think of any off the top of my head right now...but I know I must have a million--I know I could think of some from when he was younger!

jeneflower said...

Very cute! You have the baby talk down. Piney says Dankoo for Thank you. Other than that she is pretty clear on her words when it isn't babble.

Debi said...

Weston called Amanda, "Aunt Banana" a few times. We all thought that was really cute and tried to get him to keep calling her that, but unfortunately he figured it out.... :)

Emma said...

Audrey says a few funny ones: toetato - potato, lucky - yucky, alligator - elevator, and berry - very, pupcake - cupcake(too many strawberry shortcake movies!)

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