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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

FHE: Halloween

I pink puffy heart Halloween! It's my favorite holiday! Last night we were supposed to carve pumpkins but the Man had to work late (didn't get home until after the kids had gone to bed) so instead we prepped for the Big Day.

Opening Prayer: The Boy (with some assistance).

Opening Song: Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam (da Boo's choice).

Lesson: We went over the schedule for Halloween. We've got da Boo's preschool parade, the Man's office party and another party in the neighborhood. After that, we go door to door.

We practiced the door approach, shouting trick-or-treat and then saying "thank you" before we go to the next house. The Boy was very good at remembering to say "Fanx."

Closing Song: I Don't Like Candy Corn (This was the 2nd choice after I vetoed the theme song to a cartoon show. I think my kids have been watching too much tv lately...)

Closing Prayer: Da Boo.

Treats: GHOSTS! I poked the tip of a chocolate chip in the side of a large marshmallow, adding two mini chips for the eyes and voila! We've got ghosts!


AMBER said...

Wow- I am super impressed that you held FHE with your husband gone. And that "neighborhood party" that you're going to sounds pretty suspicious- Will there be adult supervision??

Amanda said...

P loves that I don't like Candy Corn song too! LOL! But then he always asks for candy corn right after the song is over (like it reminds him that he wants some!)

Kristie said...

Sounds like a fun FHE!! I hope ya'll have a fun Halloween today!!

Heather said...

You better bring da kids to da house so I can see der costumes

Debi said...

I love your FHE blogs!

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