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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Sad Truth

I've learned something the past few days. Apparently, I like to torture small children while simultaneously inflicting pain upon myself. Who knew? I learned this while driving 1,200 miles with two kids under the age of five. Good times.

We didn't have a formal FHE tonight. It was more of a "Get Your House In Order" night - literally. We cleaned up. The hustle of getting ready for the trip to see the in-laws combined with the bustle of unloading afterwards makes for quite a large mess around here. Of course, I am hosting the preschool/play date tomorrow morning. And I have Activity Days here on Wednesday. AND I really got behind on the general housework while without my happy pills. So if you plan on visiting in the next couple days, please bring your mop and haz-mat suit with you.


Amanda said...

Sounds wretched to me....I mean 1,200 miles in the car with young kiddos! AAAAHHHHH! Glad you survived, and glad your back to blogging!!!

Kristie said...

I'm glad you are back too! I missed your posts. I know what we can do.....you hold my crying baby and I will clean your house. Sounds like a plan to me!!! Beware, she spits! J/K! I wish that I were there to give you a hand though!!!! :)

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