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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Co-ed Makes Dinner

Remember how I said I can only cook a few things and then after that, you may be asked to sign a waiver before sitting down at the dinner table? Well, I've gone through the list for Sunday dinners with the family. Without subjecting the Co-ed to anything too weird, I suggested she make us dinner. And that was the beginning of a very interesting evening.

I suppose I should take it easy on her. After all, while in college, one of my favorite meals was toast with spaghetti sauce. She was making manicotti. I've heard rave reviews about her cooking abilities so I guess I was expecting her to be a little more adept in the kitchen. Since I had the evening "off," I was relaxing (with my eyes closed) after Church (I substituted in Primary so I was worn out). I didn't get up when the Co-ed and Aunt Denise arrived. I didn't get up when the Co-ed started asking where things were in the kitchen and the Man didn't know. Finally, I got up when the Man came looking for me to settle a spice dilemma.

The Co-ed stuffed the shells, I made the sauce, and she told me all about her week. Can I just say how much fun it is to re-live my college days vicariously through her? Anyway...the manicotti is in the oven. The Man made strawberry lemonade (ain't he sweet?) and the kids ran amuck until Aunt Denise showed them a new game to play that consist of her puffing up her cheeks and them squishing her face until the air pops out (yeah, thanks for showing them that one).

Dinner is served! But...it's only the manicotti, which smells wonderful. So I ask the Co-ed if there's anything to go with the pasta.

Co-ed: Ummm...I didn't have any vegetables.
Me: Okay, there's lettuce in the crisper. You can make a salad
Co-ed: Where's the crisper?
Me: Bottom drawer in the fridge.
Co-ed: How much should I make?
Me: I usually do one full leaf per person.
Co-ed: Okay!

We sit down, offer a prayer, and then dig in. I reach for the salad to dish some up for da Boo. Only...the bowl is full of lettuce leaves...not torn up. This gives us all a good chuckle as we mock the Co-ed. After salad and the main dish are served, it's time for drinks. Da Boo is pouting (as usual) because Aunt Denise won't pour her some lemonade. Aunt Denise, since explaining wasn't working, attempts to show her that she can't pour the drink because the salad bowl is in the way. But Aunt Denise is a little too good in her demonstration and proceeds to pour strawberry lemonade onto the remaining lettuce. After we stop laughing, I warn them both that I will be blogging about dinner. The Co-ed rolls her eyes. Hey, I warned her!


Amanda said...

LOL! Sounds entertaining!

Debi said...

:) :) :) :) ~~ I love coed stories!! She sounds like a good cook! I think I would love strawberry lemonaide dressing on my lettuce leaves. I want to know one thing....did she put the leftovers in the refrigerator??? :)

Jessica G. said...

Debi - actually, no she didn't! We got to keep the leftovers so I was the one that put them in the fridge (I should tell her about Melissa's blog). Even had some for lunch today....Mmmmm, tasty!

hgernz said...

Hey now!! I would have to start charging you for babysitting had you not said that my cooking was good. Thank you very much. And atleast I didn't pour the lemonade in the salad. Because of my big lettuce chunks it was probably easier to wash off the lettuce.

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