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Friday, October 26, 2007


Surely you saw this one coming after yesterday's post. The Boy is a man of few words. Although he is starting to speak more, mostly he will utter one word - with as few syllables as possible - and expect me to fully understand. So here we go...
  1. Mee Mee. Translation: his blanket. I have no idea how this started. One day, he started dragging around a baby blanket from his crib and it has been his constant companion ever since. The Boy was the one that named the blanket and should he ever be without it, well, then it's an instant meltdown.
  2. Stabby. Translation: Strawberry. To hear him say it, you would have no idea what he was talking about unless he was pointing to the small red berries.
  3. Keen. Translation: Lightning McQueen or really, any red car. He loves the movie Cars and has some of their licensed merchandise so we hear this pretty regularly.
  4. Byper. Translation: Diaper. He's starting to get this one right, though. Especially with as many as he goes through.
  5. Breckbist. Translation: a)Breakfast or b)his morning poo. Try not to gag. Nearly every morning, he poohs just after eating. Like clockwork. It was the Man that first referred to this act as his breakfast coming out the other end and well, it stuck. Gross, I know! Boys...
  6. Pop Pop. Translation: Crazy Grampa. This is one that we will encourage. It's hard to keep all those old people straight! :)
  7. Deet Doo. Translation: Thank you. He's getting better at this one. Also? Now, he mostly just says thanks.
  8. Fanx. Translation: Thanks. Kinda cute when he says this. He says thanks and thank you whenever given anything. The Boy is very polite. Even hollers goodbye to the toll booth people.
  9. Cammies. Translation: Jammies. I have to wonder if this started with the camouflage pajamas he had or if it's just something he started himself.
  10. Cusser. Translation: our Roller Coaster. Kinda glad to see this one fading! Seriously, what would people think when they heard him? And of course, the roller coaster was all that the Boy ever talked about. (Did you notice the past tense? The Man made good on his threat and the contraption is currently taking a sabbatical in the basement. Yipppeeee!)
And there ya go! Any more from your kids?


Debi said...

"meat-no" was meatloaf
"famleehomeneevning" was FHE
I'm called "Brammaw" by Brian
and "Gwammaw" by Weston
and 2 year old Aaron calls me plain old "grandmaw"...silly boy!

Kristie said...

All so sweet! Don't kids just say the cutest things? We went downtown to have lunch with Barth yesterday and every big building we passed Aaron would yell out "castle, castle!!" It was funny!

jeneflower said...

After your last post I noticed I was paying more attention to how she actually says her words. I think a lot of times I hear the right pronunciation because I know what she means- rather than hearing what she really said. I think the funniest is that she calls her older (middle) brother- Abba like the band. There is no getting her to change it either!

AMBER said...

For the longest time, Jacob couldn't say "I love you" but insisted on say "I like you" I guess he wasn't ready to fully commit to love until he got to know us better.
Yesterday, Kyle kept saying "Take my lid off." I thought he meant the lid to his sippy cup and I kept telling him "No." I finally figured out that he was talking about the tray on his high chair.

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