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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Shadow

The Boy got a taste of his own medicine this past vacation. It came in the form of a cousin - a younger cousin. The Shadow is 14 months old and completely idolized the Boy at his mature age of 2 1/2. Every where the Boy went, the Shadow followed, even during a diaper change. This was especially frustrating to him during playtime.

I just had to take a picture but you really can't see all the dirty looks the Boy was giving his cousin whenever the younger boy dared to touch the train tracks at Grandma's house. Now he knows why da Boo will spontaneously burst into tears when the Boy is only trying to play with her.


hgernz said...

Aww I LOVE that shadow--i used to babysit him ALL the time. Aww--I miss him

Amanda said...


Kristie said...

Too funny! I think that it is so funny that the things that drive us crazy with others are the same things that we do ourselves!!!

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