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Monday, October 8, 2007

Introducing: The Co-ed

We've been trying to think of a name for the Man's little sister and have finally reached a consensus. She is now the Co-ed.

We tried to explain to the Co-ed about the different culture she would experience during her time at "The Lord's University." She didn't believe us. We told her stories of former roommates who were engaged after only two dates. She laughed. We regaled her with tales of odd guys that would be lurking in her Singles' Ward. She scoffed. We warned her of the crazy ideas some of these boys get into their heads once the get back from their missions. She stared at us silently. But you can't say we didn't try...

Then the Co-ed had a date this weekend. With her Chemistry partner. (Insert all sorts of great "chemistry" jokes here!) They had "hung out" before but this was the first real date. Then he came over on Sunday to watch General Conference with her and her roommates. So really, they've been on three dates - in BYU terms. That's a long-term relationship, right there! He's been trying to convince her that she would love to continue living in our great state. And he's asked her what her family would think of him. Well, we might have liked him okay until he went all weirdo on us! She starting to think that she might have to tell the poor guy that she's intent on serving a mission...that ought to scare him!

Any advice for her? Poor girl is too cute. She's doomed.


Amanda said...

LOL! You will have to keep us updated on her:) Show us a picture of her...if she will let you:)

hgernz said...

You are never going to want to leave Utah again because you have missed so much. All I can say woman empowerment. I had to call that boy up and tell him he was on a totally different page than I was and he kind of made me uncomfortable. He played it off all cool but ohh do I have so much to tell you. It'll make your eyes pop out.

Debi said...

Guess she is the same and and stage of the game as Melissa. Melissa got to school and one of her first observations was, "Mom, you won't BELIEVE how the girls throw themselves at the boys around here!" So, I guess it works both ways.... :)

Debi said...

Not only that, but I heard a funny story (that I don't dare tell) about someone I know holding hands during biology with an established "burper" during a movie when the room was darkened..... :)

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