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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Here in the Big City

There's a lots of fun things for kids around here! On Saturday, we went to a "petting zoo" that's really more than that. You could feed goats (either pellets or little baby bottles), pet goats, pet cows, feed fish, ride toy tractors, milk a fake cow, run away from your mom, pan for gold, tour a teepee, feed ducks, ride a pony, annoy your sibling, watch pigs sleep, play on one of several playgrounds, go fishing and get it first hand just how stinky animal poo really is. It was lots of fun! So fun, that I needed aspirin and a nap afterwards. Pictures coming.

Today, we loaded up the kids and headed up to Big City for more fun. Destination: Science City. I wish they had places like this when I was a kid! (And of course I forgot the camera...) During the first portion of our visit, the place was over-run with several different school groups. Soon enough, the groups thinned out and our kids got some hands-on time. They got to dig for dinosaur bones (also called "let's see how much of this stuff we can accidentally fling down Momma's shirt!"), make music with park equipment, try their hand at landing the Space Shuttle (which da Boo crashed rather spectacularly - twice), work with a water table, view live amphibians (ever heard of a glass lizard? Creeeeeepy...), slide down a sewer pipe (complete with flushing sound effects), make shadows on a wall, ride a Sky Bike (I was the only one who did this, oddly enough), puzzle out optical illusions, sit in lots of different simulators, and make all sorts of echoes. And lots more but I'm tired and haven't had nearly enough chocolate so I can't remember all the details. I liked that they reserved a few places specifically for smaller kids. There was one where I was once again reminded of the difference between the two genders: da Boo carefully built with larger-than-life building blocks and the Boy gleefully knocked them down.

Busy day. Need more aspirin.

So...whatcha been up to?


Amanda said...

WOW...That sounds fun but I would also be in need of a nap and medication afterward...and since I never get the nap I would need a double dose of the med's and chocolate! Can't wait to see pic's of the petting zoo! When are you coming home?

Kristie said...

What a fun day!!! It sounds like you sure did pack a lot into your day!! I personally think that you should load up your kids and drive just a little bit further and come see me!!!! :) Enjoy your trip!

Emma said...

I went on a bussiness trip with my husband too. We went to the bustling metropolis of Sioux City Iowa. I am home and grateful to be here. Sounds like a fun trip!!!

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