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Monday, October 22, 2007

FHE: Missionaries

Tonight was another memorable Family Home Evening. It was the Man's turn to teach the lesson, which means it was the one time this month that I don't have to plan and give the lesson.

Opening Prayer: Da Boo calls on Daddy.

Opening Song: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (during the entire song, the Boy shrieks at us for singing because, really, what were we thinking?)

Lesson: The Man's youngest brother is currently serving a mission. We recently received a letter from him so this must have gotten the Man thinking about his own experiences in the field. He talked a little bit about what missionaries do (teach others about Jesus Christ and the Gospel). Da Boo knew most of the answers, as usual. The Boy wandered around, holding his blanket and sobbing, also as usual. Then the Man showed us some of his mission pictures. Oh boy...I think you just have to see it to believe it. First, go look at his most recent picture here. Then look below:

See what I mean? Just a kid! (By the way, he had this picture taken because of the address...911 Hospital Rd.)

Closing Song: Once There Was A Snowman (this was selected after we wouldn't sing Twinkle Little Star again).

Closing Prayer: da Boo. She prayed that I did a good job on the treats. Thanks for your vote of confidence, kiddo!

Treats: Chocolate cake. It had a chocolate ganache frosting (which is just cream and chocolate) so it was very tasty.


hgernz said...

Haha When I was 5 years old my brother was THAT big!

Amanda said...

LOL! I can't believe he let you post that picture:) He looks about 12 years old!

Kristie said...

I just love old pictures!!!! That is too funny!! My kids love to play "mini mission" with Barth. That is where one of the boys and Barth go around and try to convert the other brothers!! It is too funny!! Sounds like a successful FHE!!!

Debi said...

I always love your FHE posts!

Kristie said...

Okay Jessie, where are you? I am missing your regular posts here!!!!!! Come on...give me some distraction from my little crier!

Jessica G. said...

Amanda - um, well...he doesn't exactly know that I posted it...so don't tell him, k? :)

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