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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Project Middle: The Bathroom

Okay, we got the base coat on yesterday. By "we" I mean, the Man. He's much better at this whole painting thing, seeing as he has two working arms and such. Yeah, well, I set off metal detectors, so there!

Anyway, after we got the kids in bed, we started on the faux finish: Frottage. You have to say it with a snooty accent. It doesn't rhyme with "cottage." So the base color is lighter. The top coat is mixed with faux glaze and then rolled on. Working in blocks at a time, the Man rolled on the top color and I followed behind with squares of plastic and a wide brush. No, seriously, plastic. Don't believe me? Here, look:

Isn't he cute? Hands off, ladies! He's all mine!!

And then there's me. The Man took several pictures of me putting up the plastic. And then he took some of my butt. I'll save you the agony and won't post those.

And voila! Here's the wall behind the commode, painted and plastic sheeting brushed on.

Once the whole bathroom was done, we peeled off the plastic. I am waiting until it dries all the way. We might need to touch up in some places, where it's a little too obvious that we were working on a grid system. Also, I want to get a couple more items for decorating before I take the final pictures.

So what do you think?


Amanda said...

WOW! using that plastic sheeting looks like a lot of work!!!! What a good man to help you with your project! What color is that paint...yellow...tan?? I bet it look awesome when you are done...and you will look at it for the next 30 years and smile:) LOL!

Kristie said...

I love the pictures!! I can't wait to see the finished product!!

Jessica G. said...

Amanda - the colors are Biloxi and Claire de Lune. So a very pale cream and then a medium beige. We're all about beige.

Debi said...

I bet it will look great! Looks like WAY too much work for us, though. We're the basic white--painted on -- plain vanilla--easy to do type!! But, anyone who makes CAKES the way you make cakes, would never be satisfied with plain vanilla easy-to-do stuff! Don't forget to show the "after" photo.

Emily said...

Shades of Beige

sounds like a title for you

The Slothower Family said...

I can't wait to see it tomorrow. I bet it looks great!

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