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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

FHE: Families

Last night, the Man was in charge of the lesson. He asked me to help, which really means he wanted me to do it. I responded that I do three of the lessons, surely he can manage one. He still asked for help. I told him to go look through the FHE manual and other books for inspiration. He pouted. I stood firm. So this is how it went...

Song: Love One Another (Well, three of us sang this, the Boy sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star).

Prayer: Da Boo was in charge of Prayer.

Lesson: The Man had three little bowls with stuff in them. He asked us to taste the first bowl. It was sugar. Then in the second bowl was salt. Finally, the last bowl help chocolate chips (this lesson was getting GOOD). After we tried all three and talked about how they tasted, the Man explained that although they taste differently, they are all needed to make special treats for us, each one is necessary in it's own way. And this is the way it is with families. We are not all alike; we have different abilities and talents. Although we're not the same, we are all needed to make our own special family.

Then the Man talked about different things that we could do for each other, ways to help out however we could. Da Boo offered some ideas on how she could help the Boy and how she could help Mommy (I'm so glad she'll help me find my toys). At the mention of toys, we lost the Boy and he ran off in search of them. We talked a little more about how we also have family rules that need to be followed (a continuing struggle), such as Clean Up Day, bedtimes, not hitting, etc.

Closing Song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (why fight it?)

Prayer: da Boo made sure to ask for a blessing on the treats.

Treat: The Boy was in charge of treats so we had his favorite thing: CANDY! I have a big tupperware tub in the pantry that we call the Treat Bucket. Candy from birthday parties, holidays and impulse buys go in this. When the kids are being good, they get to pick out something.


Kristie said...

What a great lesson. I will have to remember that one and maybe try it out next week!!! Thanks for the ideas. I always love them!!

Amanda said...

Do you have to make me feel guilty every week for not having FHE??????? J/K--it's not your fault!! The problem is Steve doesn't get home from work till P is asleep. So we have to do it on the weekend...usually Saturday night. But since we have been so busy for 2 months preparing the house we have been really bad about it:(

Emily said...

You have inspired me! We have been trying to get through to the kids about sticking together and perhaps cut back on the fighting. I think I will set up a tray with all the ingredients to chocolate chip cookies and make cookies as we taste the different ingredients and talk about how different we are but together me make something so good! Thank you my Sister!

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