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Friday, May 11, 2007

Sugar Coated Weekend

I have three cakes to do this weekend...THREE! It's more than a little hectic...and flattering...and exciting...and FUN!

Saturday I need to stop by three parties: one baby shower and two birthdays. It's going to be a busy, busy day. I'll post pictures of the Saturday cakes (the other one is on Monday).

So what are your weekend plans? Doing anything hectic, flattering or fun?


Kristie said...

You had a much busier weekend than me. We looked at a few houses, took Weston to a party and then went out shopping!! That was about it for me. Nothing too exciting. I do find out what I am having this afternoon so tune into my blog tonight for the update!!!

Emily said...

I hate mothers day weekend.
I have yet to have a happy one.

Jessica G. said...

Em, I know what you mean. Sure, they made me breakfast (wouldn't let me sleep in) and cooked dinner (left all the dishes for me to clean morning). I still had to change poopy diapers.

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