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Monday, May 28, 2007

Me and My Llaaaaaaama!

(Remember that song on Sesame Street?)

My llama - uh, I mean da Boo had her very first Dentist appointment! We talked about it some. I explained that it might hurt a little but mostly it just kinda feels funny. Also, she talked to her good buddy Abbie who has been to the dentist already. I let her bring one small stuffed animal with her to hold, in case she needed a little extra courage. Of course, she chose about the ugliest animal in her menagerie but oh well!

We arrived a little early so she could talk to her hygienist and get comfortable with the cleaning room. She was seeing another dentist in the same office as the one I see. He's not just another dentist...he is the identical twin brother of my dentist. I cannot tell them apart!

So the hygienist gets da Boo settled in her chair.

Then she shows da Boo all the tools she will use and what they are for. She gets a sip of water from the water gun and gets her tongue sucked up by the little sucky thinger. Da Boo introduces the hygienist to her stuffed animal (she's very polite). Then she opens her mouth wide (we practiced this at home) and the work begins.

(Doesn't she look so little on that chair??) Da Boo was so very good! She barely flinches. In fact, she might be better in the dentist chair than I am...but that's besides the point. The cleaning goes well, with da Boo perfectly behaved and keeping her mouth open wide.

When the dentist comes in, he takes a look inside her little mouth. He compliments her on her nice, white teeth and then breaks the news: two cavities! We are going back tomorrow to get those taken care of. This office has the TVs on the ceiling and those nifty noise canceling headphones. When I had my cavity filled, I was so engrossed in "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" that the dentist had to nudge me to ask me any questions. Hopefully, she does just as well with the cavities.


Heather said...

I promise I am not a cannibal but I just want to chew on her lovely chubby cheeks. She's a keepa!

Heather said...

Abbie says:
Dear J-
I hope you won't feel scared tommorrow. That's all. Aliens will come and take your tooth. That's all.
J-you wear yellow you crazy!!

Amanda said...

You just reminded me P is due for his second dentist appointment....man I though they would send me a card every six months...don't they want my money???? I guess I should fit this in before the move...#1 he will be less traumatized...#2 it is 5 minutes from where we live right now:) he sees a pediatric dentist...the office is really great! I am so sorry Da Boo has 2 cavities! That could be traumatic...I hope not though! Let us know how it goes.....and GREAT idea to take pictures at the dentist....although P would not let go of my hand last time so I doubt that he would let me take pictures!

Kristie said...

I hope that everything went well with the fillings!! When Brian went for the first time, his big brother was there having his cleaning at the same time!! Helped a lot!! Aren't they geting so big?

Debi said...

One time when Steven was in 7th or 8th grade he bit the dentist. He had always been a model patient (never having any cavaties). I was so embarrassed!! DaBoo looks so sweet and very cooperative in the pictures. I doubt she will ever bite a dentist! (Steven always was my unpredictable one!).

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