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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Oh Baby, Baby!

Most of you know I am totally baby hungry right now. I've even taken to stealing other women's babies so I can cuddle them and pretend they are mine. Seriously, people think I'm nuts and are starting to hide their newborns from me. It doesn't help that lots of friends are expecting, know they're having a boy, just had a baby, or post pictures of their adorable offspring.

Not fair.

Since this is my blog and I get to talk about whatever I want, we are going to talk about babies! So there! Specifically, I want to talk about how you told your man that he was going to be a Daddy. I get to go first.

First time: When we first decided we wanted to have a baby, we bought a bottle of sparkling cider. Once I was with child, we would crack that sucker open to celebrate. Surely we didn't jump the gun in our impulsive purchase because, really, how long could it take?
THREE YEARS (and over 80 injections) LATER...I had taken a pregnancy test at the doctor's office but the machine was broken. The results would not be in until the afternoon. Never known for my patience, I took a home pregnancy test (which we had been buying in bulk). It was negative. I tried not to cry. Then the doctor called. Turns out that I was one of the .005% that those things don't work on! When the Man got home from work, I met him at the door with that dusty bottle. One look and he knew!

Second time: A little gun-shy from our first experience, we didn't expect to get pregnant "the old fashioned way," thought for sure we would be back to the fertility specialist. Then I was late. No shock, I'm always late and I don't just mean my cycle. But then I stopped losing weight, even though I was still working out. The Man bought me a pregnancy test. It sat on the bathroom counter for another week. For as many negative tests I had had, I didn't know if I could take another one. One night, at 3 am I woke up and had to pee. TMI, I know, bear with me. Since it was sitting on the counter and I didn't have anything else to do, I took the test. I nearly fell sleep on the toilet, waiting the 2-3 minutes for results. Another positive result! I was wide awake now, had to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I crawled back in bed, snuggled up to the Man and the whispered in his ear "I took the test." I was so excited, I just had to tell him. I made a noise that sounded a lot like a sob, the Man rolled over and wrapped his arms around me. That's when I whispered again "I'm pregnant." He almost sat up. "What?" I repeated what I'd said. He grinned and said "You realize we're going to have this conversation again in the morning...but WHAT??!"

So there ya have it. No real creative or cute way to announce our new arrival. Tell me, what did you do? Have you heard of a cute way to tell the new father the news? And just so you know, this is for future reference, so please comment!


Kristie said...

Well, I am not that creative. I think that I just told my husband each time. No plotting, planning or anything like that!! I get too excited and then I just want to blurt it out!!! Sorry!

The Slothower Family said...

With Kolby we tried and it happened the first time. At the time Kalani was waking up at 5am to go to work. We decided we wanted to be together when we found out so I woke up at 5am and took the test. It was positive. Then I went back to sleep and he went to work. Fun huh.

With Riley it was much better. We had had three miscarrages so I was very used to seeing positive tests. our doctor had put me on medicine to help me keep the baby. I had to go get my blood taken at the hospital every two days so that as soon as they could tell they could take action. Every time it was negative it was so dissapointing. then on my birthday I went in again following the doctors orders. I called the hospital right before we left for dinner. I asked the lady what my levels were and she asked me what I wanted them to be. Let's just say it was the best birthday present I have ever recieved.

Amanda said...

Hummmm.....Well...Most people know we are not the most fertile people. SO it took us 5 months to get pregnant with P. We had already been Married 5 years and so I was VERY anxious to get preggo right away. Steve was finally graduating, and it was going to be my last year teaching...IF I got pregnant. So for 5 months I got 5 negatives, and I became VERY obessed with this and wondered if we would every have a baby at all. It think your 1st baby is the hardest to wait for b/c you just don't know if you can even have kids at all. Anyway, Then the 5th month I felt like I had a UTI right around the same time I could be testing....but I wasn't late yet...I did not have my hopes up that month at all. When they tested for my UTI they asked if I could be preggo.....I said "I doubt it, we have been trying for months!" The doc. came back and said I don't want to get you too excited but there is a VERY faint positive on that pregnancy test. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Steve was still asleep at home---he didn't even know I had gone to the doctor--it was Saturday morning. So I think I called my Mom and my Sister on the way home. Then I told Steve but I don't think he heard me till he woke up later. Then I waited till the next morning Sunday....to take the test and see for myself. So I woke up EARLY and took it upstairs.....Steve heard me and knew what I was doing and came up there. I showed it to him and we literally jumped up and down:) There's my book......

Heather said...

I would like to talk about how Brad told my parents we were expecting #1. "So, did ya hear I knocked up your daughter?" So classy.

Jessica G. said...

Heather - I love it!

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