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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Kids

That's a general title for ya. My Kids. Doesn't tell you much at all, does it?

Well, I've got two of 'em (and would really like another one for a complete set). One girl, one boy (in that order). They are very good kids. I am really very blessed to be their mother. Most of the time, they play together, keep each other amused and help out when asked. And on other days, I wonder how long I can hide in the closet before they'll find me.

The girl is da Boo. She got that nickname as an infant (before Monsters, Inc., thank you very much). Her father and I think she looks a lot like his youngest sister, which would not be a bad thing because his youngest sister is quite the cutie. Pros: She's smart, potty-trained and is so dang cute. Cons: Da Boo is a talker. You think I talk too much? Yeah, well, meet my child! She can talk circles around me and frequently does. Literally. She'll be walking around me in a circle, jabbering non-stop. We once had a five minute conversation on why ants think she is nice. And believe me, she convinced me! Since she is also smart, she learns new words all the time. I've had to watch what I say a lot more. Not that I swear or anything but I really don't want to have to explain certain things to her right now. She asked me the other day what "adultery" meant. I flashed back to asking my own mother this same question after I heard the word on talk radio. I remember that we were in the blue van, driving to the library. Even remember her response, although it confused me a lot more than it answered my question. A lot has been going on for da Boo. First dentist appointment. First cavities. First fillings. Graduated from preschool. Busy days! By the way, she was so good while getting her cavities filled that the dentist gave her two little prizes, said she was better than his own kids! (Still can't tell those dentists apart).

And that brings us to the Boy. He got that nickname during the ultrasound that determined that he was, in fact, a boy. Pretty clever, dontcha think? He is very much a boy, too. It's not so much that he gets into trouble so much that he is very curious. He likes to examine things closely. At least he's mostly outgrown putting things in his mouth to examine them. He keeps his sentences short and to the point, frequently containing all thoughts in one word. "Milk." "Noise." "Poopy." He likes to inform us any time he hears a noise and then will wait patiently until we identify it for him. Hrmmmm...perhaps he will be a hearing doctor. The Boy is a funny kid, no matter what I put him through. Also, the Boy has very stinky feet. He will even acknowledge that his feet and shoes do indeed reek to high heaven. I've tried Odor Eaters sprayed in his shoes and on his feet. Still a distinct stench lingers. I might have to call the doctor about this one. While he loves his trucks and his balls, his is also rather fond of da Boo's purses and necklaces. Maybe it's because I like to wear necklaces and will frequently carry a purse when out with the kids. Maybe he is secretly watching Teletubbies and admires Tinky Winky. And I know the picture is out of focus but it's still one of my favorites.

There you have it. My kids. All mine.


Amanda said...

YOu have really cute kids! And what a blessing that you have 2 of your own..a boy and a girl! Count your blessings!!!! I loved this post:)

Kristie said...

Too sweet!! I loved the pictures and reading about the personalities of each of your kids. They seem so sweet!!! One of these days I will have to see them in person!!!! Thanks for a glimpse into your life!!! I loved it!

The Slothower Family said...

Can I trade? This was such a cute blog. Thanks for the inspiration.

Debi said...

You are lucky to have such adorable children. I love reading your blog!!

Your Favorite Brother... No! Not Tom! Or Chuck! Not Scott either! said...

I still can't believe how big the Boy is. Still havn't actually met the kid. Hopefully at Christmas!

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