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Thursday, May 3, 2007

All About Food

I must be stressed. Whenever I get stressed, I bake. And if that doesn't help, I cook. Last night I baked this:

This is how cakes always look on cartoons and don't they always look so tasty? It's very yummy. And I made another one just like previously this weekend for my brother's family. Since the cakes aren't easing my stress, I've been cooking real meals for the family. These aren't the tried-and-true recipes that I've had for years. These are brand spankin' new recipes that I've been thinking about trying. Some will make it into my battered cookbook and others will find themselves in the circular file.

I know why I'm stressed but I can't blog about it. See, part of the reason for my last post was because I always swore I would not blog about this particular issue. Of course, I promised myself that months ago, when life was carefree and we weren't eating so many homecooked meals. And now, this is all I think about. And I can't even tell you. And it's probably bothering you that I'm starting each sentence with "And." And I'm just gonna keep doing it. And if you don't like it, you can get your own blog. :P

So let's eat!

Monday was Crispy Salsa Chicken and Refried Beans Supreme. Tuesday we were pinched for time so I just made roast beef sandwiches. Last night we had Mexican Chicken and Beans. Tonight was Chili Cornbread. Tomorrow night we have our ward's annual Spaghetti Dinner and Auction to raise funds for Girls' Camp. I'm taking a cake. It's will probably be a teddy bear. If it goes for less than $30, I am so going to cry (probably in front of everyone else, too). Saturday will be Crepes. That one is an old recipe and a big favorite. Sunday I am making Spicy Honey-Brushed Chicken Thighs with Creamed Corn. I learned that recipe from a HFPE cooking class. It almost fell out of the line-up when I noticed that a small wedge of Gruyere cheese would set me back $7. Oh well...it's not like I was going to spend that money on anything other than chocolate.

So far the Salsa Chicken and Mexican Chicken have met with approval. The Chili Cornbread was very tasty except that the center wasn't quite done. Oh, and the roast beef sandwiches were pretty good too. I use deli-sliced roast beef on hoagie rolls that have been schmeared with garlic butter and slightly toasted. Yes, we're all about low-fat around here. I'm by no means a gourmet cook; more like a meat-and-potatoes-salt-and-pepper kind of girl. Still, I'm gonna have lots of leftovers this week.


Heather said...

Me Likey your cake. Please bringy to my house.

Amanda said...

I see with your stress that you also changed your blog format:) I think it looks good! If you lived here I swear I'd take all your leftovers!!!! Then I would never have to cook again! Here I am eating cupcakes for breakfast...thinking that cake looks Delish! I might have guess about what you are stressed about....can I e-mail you? Will you tell me if I am right? I might be way off---sorry I am so nosey!!! I have only cooked one REAL meal since our home went on the market 8 days ago....but that is a whole blog post in itself:)

Kristie said...

Yum!! It all sounds so good. Can I come to your house for dinner? When I am stressed I do just the opposite. I stop cooking. My kids get PB&J and cereal for dinner and if Barth doesn't like it, he fends for himself!! I hope that your stress gets relieved soon!!! In the meantime, enjoy all those yummy meals and that delicious looking cake!!!!!

Amanda said...

What is the Frosting recipe for that cake......I didn't see it on the cake link!

Jessica G. said...

Amanda - the recipe for the frosting is linked to the word "cakes." Or you can search through my categories, under Desserts - Other. And it's gine if you email me...I think you and I talked about it when I was there.

Wendy said...

if what's stressing you is what I think it is, call me and I'll give you a dozen reasons why your life is better than mine right now. For example: your husband is happy and full while mine is scrounging for frozen burritos (my current house special), your Christmas plans won't include a hospital stay, your gas probably isn't threatening the lives of your family members. .. I could go on. . .

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