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Saturday, May 12, 2007


Okay, here are the two cakes I made for today:

This one was made for a baby shower for a super sweet girl in the neighborhood. Her first child is due next month and it's a girl. Girly bugs were the shower's theme. The ladybug cake is very similar to one I did about three years ago but I liked this version better because this time I remembered to give the poor buggy legs! I was having fits (literally - just ask the Man) trying to get the blue frosting smooth so I decided to just go with the "textured" look. Oh yes, textured is all the rage right now, didn't you know? And the spots are enormous because I was almost out of red frosting.

For a little boy's 2nd birthday. He is a buddy of the Boy's and his mom is pretty cool, too. The party was Elmo-themed but his mom saw the train cake and thought it would be perfect, since he also loves trains. I suggested featuring Elmo as the train's conductor and voila! Birthday Boy's dad tried to tell me that I spelled his son's name wrong. That would have been horribly embarrassing!

The next cake is another train one, made to look like Thomas. It's not supposed to be done until Monday evening. We are attending the birthday party that night (another friend of the Boy's) so there won't be an FHE update. To make up for it, post your FHE on your site, send me the link and I'll put together a list of 'em for everyone to get ideas from. And if I don't get any links, there won't be a post! How's that for a threat?


Amanda said...

Those cakes are So beautiful ---as usual! I can't believe you work hours on these things for free!!!! Don't your children beg to eat all the cakes you make????

Amanda said...

oh--I want to see the 3rd cake you also did this weekend!

Kristie said...

Such cute cakes!! It sounds like it was a very busy weekend!!! You are so talented in the cake department!!!!!

Jessica G. said...

Amanda - I do charge, now! The train cake was piad for. She gave me more than I asked and also brought a 12-pack of Diet Pepsi and a dozen raspberry rolls! I think I was overpaid. The flower/ladybug cake was my gift at a baby shower.

I am making the third cake this afternoon...another train, decorated to look like Thomas.

seukra said...

Hey, did you use to work at Smith's in Orem?

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