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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Blog Censoring

Did you miss me? I went to Texas for the weekend. My best friend from high school married a really good guy and I wanted to be there for it. Also got to see some of my family. Da Boo came with me and has decided she wants a dog just like China, my parents' Rottweiler. Let's see her get that one approved by the Man.

I was wondering if there is any subject that you won't blog about. There are some things that the Man has asked that I not put on the blog, like photos from his eye surgery and details about that huge fight we had (actually, there wasn't a fight...we really don't argue, which is nice because when I get angry, I cry, and when I cry, I no longer make sense and it's hard to argue with someone who is not making any sense). And I won't give too much personal information but other than that, anything is fair game. I find it particularly brave of one blogger's recent post. Some others give a little too much detail that leaves me running from the computer, hands over my eyes and screaming "TMI! TMI!!"

So what won't I ever read on your blog?


Amanda said...

That post on poop is all too real!!!!

Kristie said...

Hmm!! I don't blog about everything. There are things that I draw the line on like bathroom things and blood, guts and other personal things!! I guess that, as always, I am pretty conservative!!

Jessica G. said...

Amanda - I know! I about died laughing reading it...did you see my comment? True story!
And Kristie, what do you mean by blood and guts? If your boys needed stitches, would you blog about the details?

bon said...

You won't find too much on my sex life in my blog... other than general references to "nookie" and "strengthening marital relations" or "quality couple time."

As my girls get older you will hear less of stuff that would embarrass them. Already I self-edit stuff that Birdie does... she has started reading, and I'd hate to have to go back and delete posts in two years for fear they will mortify her.

I will talk about bathroom stuff... but no gross descriptives.

Barf is fair game.

Rants about neighbors or inlaws? I doubt it: my blog is common knowledge. And sometimes that is just too bad 'cause there is some good material there!

Kristie said...

No, I don't think so. I definitely would not take pictures of go into any detail on the matter!!! I would probably just say that they needed stitches on their knee or something like that!! I am not into intimate, gory, or blow by blow details of certain things!!! The fact that I had to see, hear or witness anything like that would be enough for me!! Brian has been hospitalized 5 times and I don't think that I would ever go into detail on what happened while he was there!! Just TMI if you ask me!!!

Emily said...

I won’t put money into my stories. I also probably wont talk about disagreements with my Love either. Maybe after it’s solved but not while I’m mad.
Blood, guts, gore, bodily functions… all fair game as you know! LOL!

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