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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Foto Friday #9

I know, I know...it's not Friday anymore. But Friday was a very rough day...I could list all the reasons but I won't. (Actually, I did but then read back through them and decided I was just whining so trust me...bad day). And a very distracting day but we'll get to that.

You may be sick of seeing about how much fun we have while playing Rock Band but well, my blog! Hehehehe!

What we like to do to trick encourage the kids is have one parent play an instrument while letting the kids play, too. Only we have it on one-player mode. They don't know that they aren't really playing and they have a great time. You'll notice that the Boy is actually wearing his eye patch while playing the drums. We still have to keep that up for another week and then we'll see if there's been progress. Da Boo is the backup dancer apparently. And see her sparkly earrings? Crazy Grampa gave her clip on earrings while he was visiting. She rarely takes them off.

Here's the Man playing with the house band. And there were pictures of me playing with the kids but oh, shucks! I had red-eye and I can't remember how to fix that in Photoshop. So sorry. But not really.

So here's what's been distracting: Wii Fit. My brother found them in stock and immediately called me to see if I still wanted one. YES!! It arrived on Thursday but I kept it wrapped because I had a LOT to do and knew I would get distracted (because it's so pretty...). The Man opened it last night. It's fun! As I type, the kids are taking turns playing the balance games as a reward for good behavior. And if you are having a bad day (like I was), just watch your beloved husband attempt to play the hula hoop game. You will nearly bust a vein laughing!

Remember last week's memorial? Well, I'm still not over the loss. In fact, I've dreamt twice that we found Mee Mee. I was so excited about it that when I woke up, I went and checked those locations...just in case. No Mee Mee. *sigh*


Jan said...

Fun is the word of choice here. Those are the good stuff. I love the Wii. Can you believe that is what my husband got me for my birthday. What fun to play though.

♥miss~mattie♥ said...

Cute pics. I love playing stuff. Just like my mom said, the wii is really fun!!!!!!!!
Bye bye.♥☺♥

Tipi said...

you need to play in the mud more.
keeps you from being so cranky :P

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