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Friday, July 18, 2008

Foto Friday #2

Last week, I vowed to brag about my kids more. This week is no exception.

They finished the first round of swimming lessons last week. Here are some highlights:

"Look, Mom! I can go in the pool without screaming in fear of my life and clinging to you like a bad pair of underwear!" His teacher is just on the edge of this picture, ready to help out, but I liked that she let him do it by himself for a little bit.

Here's a rare sea creature: a purple Floating Boo. It's rare because the amount of giggling it does gives away it's hiding place. This is something I've been trying to teach da Boo every time we get in a swimming pool. I'm glad she's finally gotten the hang of it. Next step: float longer by not giggling so much.

And the last one:

Here are my Rock Stars in Training. They aren't playing the game, just being silly, making up a song and playing with the instruments. I find it interesting that neither of them choose to play with the drums...I thought percussion was in their blood!


♥miss-mattie♥ said...

Cute pictures. Your little rock stars are so cute. What is their bands name. I ♥love♥ swimming. Have a great day.
Bye bye.♥ ;)

Nat said...

How fun! We still haven't done swimming lessons yet. Our closest pool is 35 minutes away. Oh well, at least we're getting a pool soon! Cute kids! Thanks for bragging about them!

Chris said...

Your kids are too stinkin' cute!!!

Jan said...

Really cute pictures Jessica.

Caroline said...

The swimming is awesome! I was so glad this year that my boys decided they wouldn't drown if they swam without touching me. I love the rock star picture, what where they playing? hehe ;)

Debi said...

Next thing you know it the kids will be on the swim team!! :)

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