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Friday, July 11, 2008

Foto Friday Begins!

Despite the title of Mommy Blogger, I haven't been posting too much about my kids lately (and honestly, the potty training rants really don't count, do they?). So I am going to attempt to remedy the situation by posting pictures of the kids every Friday.

Ready for this week's installment?

The Co-ed was teaching da Boo how to play the piano. With the Co-ed gone for the summer, da Boo is stuck with only three songs in her repertoire. Still, it's cute to listen to her play.

And really, this photo needs no caption. The shirt says it all.


Jan said...

Love the shirt very much. And I have been missing the pictures. The piano playing is adorable.

It didn't smell like pee in here today. Things must be going well.

Caroline said...

All my kids need one of those shirts :)

Tipi said...

Can I get a shirt for my kids that say "My parents will be canonized."

"My parents wear nice white jackets..."

yes, rough day here.
Love the pics :)

North Dakota Ward's said...

We would like the kids to grow up playing the piano. Both of us always wished we had learned more than to "finger peck."

Emma said...

I love the pictures. Especially the Boy. My boy needs that shirt too!

Debi said...

Have you ever considered putting your children in MOVIES?

Lyn's Musings said...

That Tee Shirt is hysterical!
You know I know how to play the piano..and only know how to play ONE song still....I pluck through others, but ONE song.....ask me what it is...Mom knows.

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