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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July!

Well, my house is starting to smell normal. He's even gotten the hang of all forms of...elimination? In a moment of weakness/stress/duress/madness, I promised the Boy that the first time he used the potty for the solid stuff, we would celebrate by going to Chuck E. Cheese, a place he talks about all the time since our first trip. So, looks like we're headed there Monday night. That's like the good news and the bad news.

For the Fourth, we headed to Downtown Provo for the parade. It's pretty much a tradition and the kids are getting to the age where they really enjoy it. In fact, this is what they looked like for the duration:

Here's da Boo's favorite things about the Fourth of July:

I let her get her face painted on two different days (once again, the bestest Mommy evah). Both times she requested a unicorn. It was a first for both of the face painters. She was more than pleased with the results. And we all already know how obsessed she is with horses so her parade favorite was a no-brainer.

For the Boy, slightly different tastes:

Those of you who were with us in South Dakota may remember the constant streams of "gummy guys" (aka: army guys said by an overly-excited 3-year-old) so he was ecstatic to see more of them. Also, he loved the cannon that they set off to signal the end of the parade, although it made him jump about a foot every time. And? He used a port-a-potty while there! Even I would rather hold it instead of use one of those but he thought it was a new adventure or he just really, really had to go.

My favorites?

I've always loved bag pipes. In fact, when I die and you come to my funeral, there had better be a bag piper playing Amazing Grace or I expect you to give the Man heck about that, okay? And the fireworks are just too fun. We've gotten the big box from the local grocery store for years. Usually, we'll split it up between the Fourth and Pioneer Day. In the flames you can see the carcasses of our previous festivities.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see much of the local fireworks display, as they moved it blocks away. Seems that the high school football was rather sensitive about explosives being launched from their new football field. Oh, come on! Those craters and burn circles would just add character! Might even intimidate the other team, send them wonder what plays are used that cause flames.


Jan said...

Looks like fun Jessica.

Debi said...

Great pictures! The kids look especially cute....I love the unicorn! Stop planning your funeral...you are way too young! I had never even heard of a having bagpipes at a funeral until I heard them at President Hinckley's...that was pretty cool though.

Lyn's Musings said...

I also love Bagpipes....do you remember our neighbor in WheatRidge who used to play his bagpipes down in the gulch? LOVED to hear that......miss that city alot!!!

Robyn said...

Oh you and jas would so get along he is obsessed with the bagpipes! Looks like you had a super 4th!

Jo said...

I love bagpipes too! I never get why some people say they hate them.

Jill said...

I like the bagpipe bands, but then again, I am part Scottish.
Hooray for the successful "elimination!"
Have fun at Chuck-E-Cheese. It could be worse, we promised the same thing for our #3 kid, except he wanted to go to Carl's Jr. :0P

The things we do to get these kids potty trained.

Tim and Angie said...

Fun fun! I love bag pipes too and want to learn to play them someday. Sure, that will happen. Yay for the potty training success!!! Good job to you for perserveering. So where is the Man taking you to celebrate your success with it?

Deborah said...

Cute kids Jess!
Great shot of the bagpipers and their nice looking skirts.

Tipi said...

our littlest was throwing up and so sick she wanted to stay in bed during the fireworks.
I bundled her up and put her on a lawn chair (she was green)
But the morning glories, kinda like sparklers only 3 stages of fun, cured her! Soon she was dancing to watch her shadow in the strobe fireworks.

I'm glad you had a great 4th!

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