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Monday, November 5, 2007

Cowgirl Boo and Her Posse

Since she is currently obsessed with horses, da Boo wanted a Cowgirl theme for her party. And that's what she got! This was to be her first all-girl party but when she told her buddy Jacob this, he was very upset. We made an exception.

The invitation was on brown cardstock with red bandanna print paper on top. On that was a two-toned brown cowboy boot. A white "Howdy, Partner!" block was outlined with tiny rope twine. Party information was printed on the back in Western-speak. The invited cowpokes were asked to wear Western clothes.

Upon arrival, the kids were given a cowboy hat (if they didn't already have one on) and then informed that they were being made deputies. And what do deputies have? Why, a badge, of course! So I gave them star-shaped sugar cookies, yellow icing, candies and sprinkles to decorate their badges.

When finished decorating, they were instructed to eat the badge. Some of the girls looked horrified. That was kinda funny!

After badges, came Lasso Practice. It was very much like Hot Potato, only they passed around a coiled rope. I didn't get any pictures of this because I was too busy running the music and consoling those that were out. Winner received a bag o' gold. (Really it was yellow bubble gum in a cute little bag.)

Now that they were deputies with lassoing practice, it was time to wrangle a varmint! Here's the posse giving me a big "YeeeHaw!!" before we started this game.

Wrangling consisted of tossing a hula hoop around a toy riding horse. The kids loved it! Winner got a little trophy.

At the end of this game, I noticed that we were running well ahead of schedule. I suggested we play the games some more and they were all for that, especially since I had more prizes (ie: stuff left over from putting together the loot bags).

Then we had cake.

They loved the cake.

A couple girls didn't want to eat it but once others starting calling dibs on various parts, they got into it eating horse flesh. Strawberry cake served with strawberry ice cream and strawberry lemonade. And yes, da Boo likes strawberries. Why do you ask?

When almost everyone was done with their cake, I ran into the kitchen. All the horses had escaped! I needed my deputies to hurry and help me find them. Small plastic horses were hidden all over the front room. There were enough for each kid to "capture" two. Still with plenty of time left, we wrangled more varmints. After killing some time, we opened presents!

And yes, she is trying to smell the Strawberry Shortcake doll. Only half of her friends gave her Littlest Pet Shop.

After presents, with still a good 15 minutes before parents arrived, we watched the Wonder Pets. If you've never seen the Wonder Pets, count yourself fortunate. We watched the episode where the Wonder Pets save a baby cow that was stuck in a tree when a twister blew through. Interesting how they have very little understanding of physics...

As parents started arriving, Cowgirl Boo handed out the goody bags. These were a knotted red bandannas that held a bag of gold (chocolate) coins, horse stickers, a horse finger puppet and candy with bandanna-print wrappers. And after a couple kids left, we remembered to hand out the balloons, too.


Debi said...

Sounds like a super fun birthday party!!

Amanda said...

YOu did all that feeling sick????? YOu are amazing! I doubt I could come up with all those idea's! How adorable Da boo looked!!!!

Heather said...

Another great party. She's had the hat on and off since Saturday. Did she wear the horse the whole time?!

Kristie said...

That was a fun and very creative party!!! I am glad that you were able to do such a fun party considering you felt so bad!!! I hope you are feeling better now!

jeneflower said...

Pineapple loves horses too. I don't know what is up with that, but she would have LOVED that party. Like a dream party.

Emma said...

The party sounds amazing. The cake looks great. Audrey had a strawberry themed birthday party. Yes I consider myself fortunate we do not get the channel with Wonder Pets. Their voices drive me crazy. We started to watch once or twice and I could not handle it.

AMBER said...

My favorite picture was the one with all the kids in the living room and you can see "the Man" in the background sipping lemondade. We know who was doing all the work!!

Man, that one boy in the picture sure is cute! What a ladies man!

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