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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

FHE: New Game

I supposed this could have been a lesson on obedience or feelings but I just did it for fun. The Man was asleep upstairs. He stayed home from work so you know he had to be nearly at death's door for that to happen.

Opening Prayer: Me.

Opening Song: I think it was supposed to be Give Said the Little Stream but mostly it was me singing while both kids ran around like crazy people.

Lesson: Have you ever played Don't Eat Pete? It's a cute game! So I decided I would teach the kids how to play. We are really on a "play games" kick lately. I taught them how to play with a barrel of monkeys on Saturday and they thought that was the Greatest! Thing! Ever!

You can find all sorts of game boards for this on the Internet but I made my own, because I'm crafty/cheap like that. I made a grid on a piece of paper and using markers, drew a face with a different emotion in each box. Unintentionally, I made the grid too big and I was running out of emotions. So along with happy, sad, surprised, sleeping, angry, scared and silly, they got bored, dead, and kissy face. We looked at all the emotions, talked about each one and made the face that went with it. I'm glad "silly" was the last one...I probably would have lost them on that one if I didn't break out the chocolate. Because I am a super cool mom, we played with chocolate chips. One chip is placed on each face. Someone gets to go first and someone else chooses a face to be Pete, without letting whoever is "it" know which one they picked. "It" starts with by choosing one chip at a time, pausing for just a second before eating it. Should "it" select the chip on Pete, then they must shout "Don't eat Pete!" Then we all giggle hysterically. We replace the eaten chips and start over, switching roles.

At first, they just weren't getting it. My kids are a LOT like me: when there's chocolate involved, nothing else matters. Not game rules, not weight loss plans, not store security. Nothing. Here's how part of the game play went:

Boo: I just don't know what to do.
Boy: Chips?
Me: Just choose a chocolate chip, Boo.
Boo: But I don't know which one.
Boy: Chips, Momma?
Me: Any one. Whichever one you'd like.
Boy: Chips, Momma!
Boo: I think I just want to eat the chocolate.

I understand, Boo. I really do. Sometimes I just want to eat the chocolate, too.

Eventually, the kids got it and ended up having a great time, even begging to play the game again the next day.

And we kinda forgot to close FHE...we went and got in jammies instead. Ooops!


Debi said...

You are funny, Jessie! I love to read your blog entrys. :)

jeneflower said...

Great game! Pineapple loves her books that show the different emotions, but I am sure that she would love it more with chocolate!

Kristie said...

What a fun FHE!! I hope the man gets better soon!!! I always enjoy your FHE posts!

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