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Friday, November 2, 2007

Birthday Boo

Today is da Boo's birthday! I cannot believe that I have a five year old...whoa... So far, for her birthday week, she's gotten pink Rice Krispie treats, a new craft (loves crafts), went to work with Daddy, had a friend over to play, and got an extra cookie. Tonight, we're going out to eat at her favorite resternot with Aunt Denise and the Co-ed. That would be IHOP. The smiley face pancake is her favorite because - and I quote - "Mommy, that pancake looks just like me!" Ah, yes. How could we forget her chocolate chip smile and cherry eyes?

So in honor of my beautiful Boo, here are some of my favorite pictures of her from days long gone:

From her first Christmas. Not quite 2 months old. I loved that outfit!

And here is the Princess, wearing her crown. She had to wear this helmet because she would only look to the right, causing her head to go flat at an awkward angle. Now, she is perfectly formed.

About a year old, da Boo is mastering the stairs.

It appears that she likes chocolate...I wonder where she gets that from? Also, this is one of the first photos of her with her new glasses that she got just after turning two.

Before her third birthday, da Boo took a toddler cooking class and this is the peach pie she made.

What kind of a mother would I be without at least one bathtub picture? Here, she's 3 1/2.

Last summer, we went to Moab and toured Arches National Park. Here, we're locating a geocache and of course da Boo had to hold out GPS. That's Balanced Rock in the background.

Taken just a month ago, this is da Boo riding Danny, the Horse. With the hat and bandana, I was trying to replicate a picture of my mother at age nine, riding a minature horse. Da Boo loves horses. So much so that her birthday party this year is Cowgirl themed. Should be fun! Look for those pictures to come in the next couple days.

If you've never met da Boo, it's hard to help you understand just what kind of person she is. Just ask Crazy Grampa about his little granddaughter. She is very talkative and will often crack me up with the most innocent comments. In fact, just minutes ago, she returned from preschool, carpooling home with her buddy, Jacob. While chatting with Jacob's mom, I noticed she had gum in her mouth so I asked if her teacher gave it to her as a prize. She said no, she got the gum from Jacob while his mom went inside their Grandma's house. Busted!

Happy Birthday, Boo!


Amanda said...

Jessie you have one cute lil' gal!!!! She is too precious for words! When she is all wrapped up in the towel and you can only see her face she looks just like the boy! WOW--I didn't realize they looked identical until then! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Da Boo!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday!

(sorry your cosin is so wierd on the phone, what can I say? She is just like me)
Hope it is a tear jerking weekend for you Jess!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday! Hope the party is wonderful!

Debi said...

Thanks for sharing those really CUTE pictures of your really CUTE girl! I noticed she looked just like the boy in the very first picture! Same bone structure but the piggy tails make her so PRETTY..not like a boy at all!

Kristie said...

I LOVED all the pictures!! What a cute little chubby baby she was!!! :) Time sure does fly doesn't it?!!!! She sure has grown into an adorable little girl!!!!

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