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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Saw Someone Famous!

Today, we picked up the Co-ed and headed to the mall to do a little shopping. Aunt Denise joined us for lunch. We went to Jason's Deli. It was mighty tasty.

Toward the end of the meal, a guy walks into the restaurant and heads towards the bathrooms, walking right past me. I did a double take!

Me: Was that Robert Redford that just walked by?
Aunt Denise: I only saw his back but it could be...
Co-ed: Who's Robert Redford?

The lady at the next table heard us and said she thought it was him, too. So we all stared at the restrooms until he came back out. Sure enough...it was him! The Co-ed had her camera with her but didn't get it out in time. Shucks!

Now, I don't mean to brag but this was not my first encounter with a celebrity. Oh no, I've had a few more.

I was sitting in the movie theater, waiting for Lord of the Rings to start. Theater was packed. The Man had gone for drinks and popcorn when who should head up the aisle right past me but Donny Osmond! He was there with his family so we didn't bother him. Well, that and the movie was starting. Couldn't miss those exciting previews!

But the big one...that was meeting Vanilla Ice. Oh yes! Feel free to envy me in all my coolness. Of course, I met him before he was famous. But he was totally flirting with me! Well, I was still in junior high so that's kinda sick and wrong but still...Oh, and I thought he was pretty lame.

Then there was the time I rubbed elbows with the Quorum of the Twelve, even shaking hands with President Monson. But that, my dears, is a whole other blog post!

What about you? Any brushes with celebrities?


Emma said...

I have never seen celebrities in person. How cool! One of my friends mom will be totally jealous!

Kristie said...

No way I would have recognised him!! I don't know who most tv people are!!! ha!ha! I did get to serve dinner to President Faust once when he came to TX!! That was really cool!!

Debi said...

Your fling with the rich and famous is better than mine. I did go to a Beatles concert when I was young...maybe 12-13 years old. I didn't meet any of them in person, but it is at the very beginning of their popularity. They sang "I Wanna' Hold Your Hand," and those very first songs. I thought for sure Paul waved at me out of the stadium full of people (hee, hee). Elder Bruce R. McConkie came to our ward at the Sunbeck building in 1980 and we shook his hand. :)

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