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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

An Update

Well, I'm still not thinking coherently...could be because everywhere I go, even outside my house, I smell pee.

Saturday went very well! In fact, the Boy did not have a single pee accident. Let's not talk about what else comes out because he has plenty of those accidents. But hey! All day Saturday, he was fine using the potty, even seemed surprised when he discovered that this "using the potty" thing was pretty easy.

Sunday...The Boy and I stayed home from church because I wasn't feeling so hot and I didn't want to subject his wonderful nursery leaders to this kind of torture. The day was going well, just the two of us. Then he peed on me. All down my back. At first, I was in denial that my back was suddenly getting very warm but that ended once he made his announcement: "Momma, I peed." Maybe he thought I wouldn't notice unless he said something.

Yesterday, we had another break-through: using a different potty. We were at the library. We usually go to the library once a week and on last our weekly trip, he had an accident within minutes of arriving. We left. Yesterday, we went back because I had two books on hold that were about to expire if I didn't pick them up. Sure enough, we weren't there very long before the Boy starts holding himself and jumping. When he does this and I ask if he needs to go potty, he usually says no. You ain't foolin' anyone, kid. So we went to the bathroom. He was terrified at first, but still tried. And what do you know? He did have to go! I tell ya, that Momma-lady? She sometimes knows her stuff! To celebrate that momentous occasion, I took the kids to lunch at Arctic Circle. Yes, their food isn't that good and yes, it wreaks havoc on my system to go but hey! Their play place is the best for littler kids and they give out the free mini cones.

Two things I am changing for this weeks' round of training:
  1. Now, when he has an accident, he has to wear plain white underwear. No superheros or cartoon characters. Plain white for half the day. If he stays dry, he can change back into his fancy ones.
  2. When he has a pooping accident, instead of using wipes and such to clean him off, he will be placed in a cold shower.
Both of these tactics were what made the difference for da Boo. Once she couldn't wear Dora any more, she was much more motivated to try. Same goes for the shower...knowing what would happen if she messed her panties was strong motivation for keeping them clean. Wish me luck! (I need it...I'm running low on chocolate...)

And I promise, my next post with not mention potty training or accidents at all! :)


Jen said...

I haven't read your blog in awhile, but the it's pretty easy to pick up on what's consuming your life. Now remember to tell the Man that just as the boy gets treats for going potty correctly...cool underwear. Mom should also get treats for having to potty train the boy because it doesn't sound very fun...whether the treats are chocolate, flowers or a night out, you should get something.

Deborah said...

I like the cold shower thing. My sister used that when her kids were little as a threat to keep them in bed at night. It worked!
For my little guy, "Ding Dongs" are what worked best as a reward for going poopoo in the potty chair. After being awarded a ding dong three times, he was all set. Ding Dongs are big and well deserved after accomplishing "that."

Jan said...

My kids use to dunk the cheerios in the bowl. But it was a long time ago. I think MandM's were a big hit for my boys.

I can hardly wait for this to be over for you.

Kenney Crew said...

It's fun isn't it!!!!!! Ry still strips down no matter where he is when he needs to go. He hasn't had any accidents for a long time, but we aren't as brave to take him places when he's not in a pull-up. I guess that's the next step.

Jill said...

Yay for the boy!

Extra cheers for the mom of the boy!!

Our boys must be on the same wavelength. We had a pretty good day today, and I'm contemplating taking him somewhere tomorrow wearing underwear.

I agree with Jen. You should get treats for potty training him.

Jo said...

Oh maybe there is hope for ya'll after all!

Tausha said...

Great ideas! Good luck! I love the cold shower thing! That has got to work! For your sake!! You might want to go adn pick up some more chocoalte!! Just for the crazy days

Rupper Family said...

I'm trying the training as well. The thing that motivates Quinn-dimes. He'll come to me and say, "I need to earn a dime now," which means he'll pee to get a coin to put in his coin bucket. The thing is, he'll only half empty his bladder so he can earn another dime ten minutes later-the kid's no dummy, but then, he's at least starting to use the toilet and that's worth as many dimes as it takes!

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