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Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh the Irony!

My blog has been a little dreary lately so it's high time for a little levity, don't you think?

And since my world currently revolves around the use of the potty, I'm going for a little bathroom humor. Literally. Keep in mind, this was *not* humorous when it happened but when relating this story to others, it's gotten funnier.

Yesterday, I had the Boy sit on the potty. Nothing new, he does that all the time (with no results). This time, I knew he needed to go to the bathroom so I told him to stay on the potty until he peed. Surely that would happen within moments, right? Nope. He went nearly two hours! (Insert visions of that woman who stayed on the toilet for two years...)

Just before the two hour mark, he starts screaming for his sister to come help him. I'm thinking maybe his foot fell asleep so I wasn't concerned. She runs to the rescue and reports back to me: he peed on the floor. Lovely. He must have gotten off the potty.

I grab the cleaning supplies and head into the bathroom. But the Boy is still on the potty, looking slightly freaked out. Apparently, he was still seated when he peed, he just wasn't...aiming.

The Boy just used the potty for the first time! Dancing for joy!

Nothing actually made it into the toilet bowl, so he did pee on the floor. But the irony of this situation was that sitting on the floor, directly in his, uh, target zone, was the basket of prizes that he could win every time he used the potty. Those were now soaking in a warm pee bath.

Really, I couldn't reward him because he hadn't made the shot correctly, so to speak. I did give him a tootsie roll for actually peeing.


Emma said...

The target zone! Hahahahahaha, still smiling! People say potty training a boy is easier but I don't believe them after this story, having to aim is very complicated.... (I can't believe he sat there for 2 hours)

Jan said...

That is hilarious. It is going great one pee at a time. He'll get his aim on here shortly. Keep dancing the happy dance. Yippee..

Jo said...

Yay!!! He did it! Sorry for the near miss... hee hee...

Amanda said...

i think he should still get the prize----come on! 2 hours---he really might began to dread this......not that i am an expert!

Jill said...

This would be funny if it weren't for the fact that we are currently dealing with the same situation.

Why can't they just come potty trained?

Kenney Crew said...

So funny Jess...gotta love the target zone. Yeah for the successful interruption!!!!

Tim and Angie said...

I'm glad you can laugh about it now Jess. It us funny. I can't believe he sat that long. Congrats on the start of the many successes.

Nat said...

Didn't I ever tell you that boys are NOT born knowing how to aim?! Just wait until he tries to see how high he can pee...while he is looking down...and gets himself in the face! Good times! Congrats on the success!

Tausha said...

Times like this when I am glad that I don't have a boy! So sorry, we never had an aiming problem!!

Amanda said...

Forgot to say clorox wipes kept by the toilet are a life saver for the aiming problem:)

Jill said...

Max tried to aim a few days ago. It didn't go so well.

Hey, I noticed from your potty training counter that in the last few days, you haven't sworn anymore, and the number of successes are 6! Yay
Does that mean things are going better?

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