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Sunday, June 8, 2008

SOS: First Date, Part Two

Alas, what would your Sunday be like without all the soapy goodness we got going on around here?

And we continue the story of my first date with Dream Boy. I don't need to remind you that he wasn't scoring any big points with me and my Sprite-soaked hair. Shall we continue on?

After the dollar movies, I received the Royal Treatment. Yes, folks, we went to Dairy Queen. I love DQ! Some of my favorite childhood moments involved their fine establishment. And besides, I was with Dream Boy! Anything was perfectly acceptable.

After getting our treats (and since Dream Boy still wasn't really talking much), I attempted to get to know the other two girls in the group. And this is where I start to notice that something is up (because I am super-quick, people).

Maybe I didn't help the situation by taking one look at the other girls and immediately confirming to myself that I was way hotter than both. Probably shouldn't have started off with such smug confidence. But these girls...well, they were sweet spirits, I'm sure. One girl - a small little waif of a figure - just stared at me. Stared. The whole evening. She didn't have much to say to her date...just stared at me. Well, I was cute but this was just awkward.

The other girl was quite different. She seemed to resent my very presence and took every opportunity to make snide remarks directed at me. Hey, if sarcasm was her main weapon, then I say bring it on, sista! So we didn't exactly see eye-to-eye, either.

In hindsight, I noticed one other thing: I was chasing my date. He'd scoot his chair over - away from me - and then I'd scoot my chair over closer to him. No subtlety there, folks. I was the hunter and Dream Boy was my prey. And he wasn't giving in.

By the time we left Dairy Queen, I was starting to feel a little pouty. What was it with this guy? He knew I liked him (yeah, everyone knew that) and he had asked me out. So why the cold, awkward shoulder? Didn't make sense. And what was up with those girls? Time for some answers!

Me: So, ummm...I know you knew those others girls from before but how do you know Staring Freak (not her real name...all about protecting the innocent, here).

Dream Boy: Oh, her?

Me: Yeah.

Dream Boy: I guess you could say she's my ex-girlfriend.

Me: Oh...

"Oh" indeed. Ex-girlfriend! He'd asked me out on a date with his ex-girlfriend! I was completely floored. But at least now I understood why she seemed to study me the whole evening...probably trying to find one thing about me that would be considered a flaw to Dream Boy. Yeah, that would be the fact that I was chasing someone who really wasn't looking to get caught.

And Sarcasm Girl? Apparently, she'd had a crush on him for the last year but he had been dating Staring Freak...until a few months ago when they'd broken up and he'd moved into my apartment complex. Oh, the intricacies of a little background information!

Now deflated, I was starting to think maybe Dream Boy wouldn't be won over like all the other guys I stalked - I mean, pursued with interest. Running on auto-pilot, I invited him in to watch a video my roommate was watching with her "just friends" guy friend. And absolutely nothing happened. No accidental bumping of hands in the dark room, no yawning and stretching so he could put his arm around me, and no goodnight kiss.

I was defeated.

So imagine my surprise when he called a week later to ask me out again. And then my utter amazement when he started flirting back. And then my stark bewilderment at our first kiss, and a little while later, the "I love you." Followed by the complete awe when he went down on one knee...Yes, dear readers, Dream Boy is the Man. Our first date was one for the record books but I wouldn't have it any other way.


Jan said...

He sounds wonderful Jessica. And I think you are right in saying that you wouldn't have it any other way.

Good memories and now happiness..

Kenney Crew said...

I read this to Todd and we were both cracking up...we actually remember this date happening and knowing the other people who were on the date with you makes it even that much funnier...can you believe that was almost 10 years ago? Crazy stuff...and we thought we'd never live up to the girls from Apartment 39...lol! :)

Heather said...

I love the "I guess you could say she's my ex-girlfriend."

I guess you could say A LOT of things!

Kristie said...

I loved reading about your first date with the Man!! You are such a great writer and I love hearing about all of your adventures. Thanks for sharing!

Amber said...

I'm shocked at the surprise ending!!

Debi said...

How romantic....you silly girl! Trying to pull a fast one on us, huh? :) Thanks for entertaining me.

BkenneyBme said...

Wasn't expecting that. I'm so glad on the next date dream boy was your dream boy.

Emma said...

Crazy! I think I need more info. Like why was he so cold in the beginning and what changed his mind, I mean other than your cute self. Of course my husband was a little stand offish to begin with too and eventually came around. I really think the woman are the real hunters! Great story.

Nat said...

Awww...how sweet! I love your Soap Opera stories!

Caroline said...

He was lucky you said yes when he called for another date :)

Amanda said...

Really enjoyed that surprise ending:)

When are you going to answer my preggo questions???

Emily said...

So does this mean the end of SOS Sundays?
I mean the man might not enjoy the rehashing of any less then stellar dates...

as far as hunting...:)
I saw my guy, decided "You're mine."
Growled and all the other girls ran away... yup hunting runs in the family, LOL!

On our first 'date' he only ordered water, after I had ordered my meal. Later he said he found it fascinating that I could eat in front of a man on a date, most girls he dated barely ate while on a date. *rolls eyes*
I think that must be confidence or strong will or something. I've never dated anyone who made me so giddy or nervous I wouldn't eat in front of them, to me that is odd.

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