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Thursday, June 26, 2008

My House Smells Like Pee

Kill me now. Please. Someone. Anyone. End this misery.

Do you see my tally over there? Do you see the utter failure that we are all experiencing?

The swearing fest took place just as we were heading out the door...the Boy poops his pants. And if it weren't for every potty training guru I've read saying that you don't punish for accidents...


Emma said...

Just beat him and he will never poop again! J/K I understand your pain. The true joy of the potty only happens once potty training is complete. I hope this happens soon. Good luck!

Heather said...

I'll do him, you do Mia.

So far the shaming hasn't worked for her.


Jan said...

I feel sad for you. Trying times for the Duck Duck..

Caroline said...

Neither one of my boys potty trained until they were almost four. Those poopy diapers nearly did me in. Each time I tried to potty train them before they wanted to do it I had to give up, they were just too dang stubborn and every bit of bribery I tried was laughed at. I'm ready for Madeleine to potty train (she will be three in August) but so far she having none of it. Too bad.

Kenney Crew said...

Are you a candle person? I'd invest in some strong scents because older boys continue to make the house stink...lol! Good luck!!!

Kristie said...

Get used to the smell!!! :) I always say that my bathroom smells like a barn yard so a friend of mine suggested that I paint my bathroom like one to match the smell!!!!!!! :O Anyway, I am feeling your pain with our own training over here.

tricki_nicki said...

I'm so sorry, potty training is absolutely no fun. I'm starting on my third boy this summer, so we'll have pee house together. :(

North Dakota Ward's said...

I hear ya! Joseph comes up to me yesterday morning his undies wet. I was not by him when this happened. I searched high and low for the wet carpet....could NOT find it. AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I think 26 times on the potty is SUCCESS! That is great, focus on the positives.

Jo said...

How do you swear by a half? 42.5?
I say give up until he is more ready. I am too lazy to take that much trouble personally. Don't forget, Shopko has that neat black light and enzyme cleaner to find and destroy pee! Ugh. Sorry.

Jo said...

I was mentioning your potty training sorrow to the household and my grand daughter the Pea insisted she had ridden the potty train with bam maw and Pop pop and Little Man. Perhaps if you rode the potty train?

Nat said...

We have a cowboy at our house. We told him the potty was a horse. He sat on the toilet backwards with his hat and boots on. It was so funny, and it worked for him. Now we're just working on stopping whatever he is doing to take a potty break. He is a busy boy! Potty training stinks. I hate it. I feel for you!

Jessica G. said...

Jo - Swearing halfway is easy. You start to swear and then notice your small child standing next to you, all wide-eyed, and then you have to bite it off.

Also? We can't give up. If we could, I would have, believe me. But the Boy is signed up for preschool in the fall and they require your child to be potty trained. So we have six weeks to get him ready. And those four hours a week of "me time" are worth the struggle now.

Emily said...

Dear sis,


remember 3 kids and the special needs make for intense potty training experience (see? now I can pat myself on the back)

It will help with ALL the accidents, save your carpet and keep the love acompaning smell down while the 'training' is going on.

AND go get some Dark Chocolate!
something decadent.
It's for you,you need the endorphin lift after the 3rd accident a day.

ya know that phrase?

i never said it would be easy,
I only said it would be worth it.

You'll be thinking of it ALOT as the kids grow.

hummm... maybe I should get it framed for my wall...

Tausha said...

poop is the worst! I still would have yelled! You are waayyyy better than me!!! I think that I should make you a shirt and send it. It will read:
I dont' yell at my kids when they poop their pants. Yes, I am that cool!!!

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