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Sunday, June 1, 2008

SOS: First Date, Part One

Welcome to another installment of Soap Opera Sunday!

First Dates are always a source for soapy goodness. You never run out of the stories, both good and bad. You thought Date from Hell was bad? Well, at least that guy was trying to impress me! The first date I'm going to tell you about...well, he was somewhat less than interested.

I had a crush. Not anything new. I always had at least one crush. One at church, one in class (or more), maybe one at work and then some random one thrown in there just for fun. This guy was my church and apartment building crush so I saw him all the time. Well, really I made sure that I saw him and that he saw me. Remember how I was a kinda stalker? Yeah.

After a few weeks of finding different reasons to talk to him, he finally asks me out. I waited until I was in another room before I jumped up and down, squealing. Finally! A date with Dream Boy. Even though a part of me knew he wasn't really interested, I was still excited and determined to win him over.

He picks me up and we head to the movie theater to meet his friends. It's a triple date with two of his roommates. I knew both the other guys and they were fun so I had high hopes for the evening. The movie theater featured dollar shows. No big deal. Splashing the cash wasn't all that important. I had not really heard about the movie we were seeing, knew only that it had one of my favorite actors. And besides, I was with Dream Boy! How bad could it be? Well, I was about to find out.

So there we are, sitting in a semi-dark theater, waiting for the movie to start. No popcorn, no drinks. Once again, not a big deal. The popcorn at this theater was notorious for being non-edible anyway. So I am sitting in all my cuteness - nearly waist-length hair perfectly coiffed in a mass of curls and my oh-so-trendy dark red lipstick - but we're not really talking. I don't think he was nervous but he wasn't really chatty and if you know me...well, you know I can't shut up.

Then there's a scuffle in the seats behind me. Two young boys were sitting there, obviously brothers. The younger one had just returned from the snack bar, popcorn and drink in hand, when the older one decided it would be really funny to smash him into the back of the seat - my seat - instead of letting him pass. So guess what happens? Oh, come on! Guess! Did you say the boy accidentally dumps his drink directly into my mounds of hair? Well, you would be right!
There I am, wringing my dripping locks out into the aisle and Dream Boy? He looks at me and says "That's gotta suck" and then goes back to staring at the screen. No bonus points there, my friends. None.

Then the movie starts. Oh boy. Remember how I said "The Mirror Has Two Faces" barely won out as the worst date movie experience? Well, this one was a very close second: "Six Days Seven Nights," staring Harrison Ford, David Schwimmer and the newly-gay Anne Heche. Not a good movie. Not even an marginally entertaining movie. So glad I didn't have to pay to watch it, even if it was just a dollar.

When it's finally over, we all stumble out of the theater, feeling like two hours of our lives had been held hostage and tortured. Once we regained our feet, we headed to the next destination.

Once again...I can't keep it short. I will finish this another time. Unfortunately, I won't be around next weekend so it might not be right away. But stay tuned and see what happens when I get the Royal Treatment.


Emma said...

I can't believe all he said was "that sucks". I am looking forward to reading the rest of the story!

Jan said...

Wow about the pop. I can't believe that was the comment he made. I think I would have dumped pop on him. Such a great story. Keep it coming..

Canadian flake said...

hmmmmmm I don't think I am liking this goofball one bit...sounds to me like he needed a SERIOUS smack upside the head..lol.

Thanks for sharing...looking forward to reading what happened next.

Nat said...

Oooh! I can't wait for the rest of the story! I love your paintings, and if I happen to be in the area within the next two weeks, I'll be sure to stop by and see them! We actually stopped for gas at Smith's on Saturday and thought about dropping by, but we had four screaming kids in the car. We had to get home. Anyway, congrats on the paintings!

BkenneyBme said...

Waiting for the rest of the story. Do we have to wait until Sunday? I guess that's the whole point of SOS. What a jerk--I'm anxious to hear the rest!

Amber said...

JERK! "That sucks" Sounds like he needs some sensitivity training. Although I was afraid it was going to go the other way and end up in a huge fistfight with the spiller- that would have been a thumbs down in my book too.

Goofball said...

funny that I read this when "Six Days Seven Nights" is on tv once again over here. fortunately I have other plans for the evening :)

Seems like you were dating a real gentleman there!

DaiquiriDiva said...

Haha! First date has always been some kind of a story to tell! Looking forward for the second part, what happens after the theater!?

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