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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mailbox Madness

My mailbox has been gorging itself with all the goodness I've been getting lately. It started before I left for my trip(s) and hasn't seemed to let up, which is great! It's so nice to get something else in the mail besides bills, political fund-raisers and collection notices for people who aren't related to you.

The first to arrive was my box for the swap hosted by Tausha. It was my first swap and I was very excited about sending stuff. Then I got this cool collection in return:

The theme for this swap was the first letter of your first name. Everything in my box was "J" and since my swapee also had a J name, it just goes to show that great minds think alike as we had some of the some items (although they were different colors/styles). Jana sent me jewelry (those pretty white bracelets in front there), a journal (which I suspect is handmade and so lovely), jellybeans (pretend that the bag isn't already opened, okay?), jar candle (love those!), and jasmine scented lotion (such a subtle, feminine smell).

Next, I got this little cutie left on my doorstep:

Jessica H from Family of Four is doing a pay-it-forward with crafts and I was lucky enough to comment in time. I will be doing this soon, so be looking if you want to get a craft from me!

And finally, I won a contest a little bit ago. I got this as my prize:

Never heard of soap nuts? Yeah, me, neither. They are basically the dried nuts from a certain type of tree that can be used in the place of laundry detergent. I plan on doing a product review on these guys so you'll get to see more of them.

Anyone else wanna send me something cool? Please? I'll post it on my blog! :)


Kelly said...

What lovely gifts. I would like something other than bills in my mailbox.

Emma said...

When ever I see something to do with chocolate (other than food) I think of you! Maybe in the near future you will get a package from Iowa.

Jan said...

You are going to have to change your name to Duck Duck HOG...

You are getting way to spoiled and then you ask for more. My kind of gal. Yippee for good people.

Kristie said...

Looks like some good loot!! I'd take some too!! :) I am anxious to hear how the soap nuts work. I have never heard of them.

Debi said...

All I want is to know when your baby is DUE!!! You never told us~~

Kenney Crew said...

We mainly get medical stuff in our mail, from bills to supplies to the medicine itself. So when we get some good stuff in the mail, it generally puts a smile on my face.

From the looks of it, your mailbox has completely runneth over...enjoy those jelly beans for me.

Emily said...

Do you have to have a blog to do a Swap?
It sounds fun!
I wanna do it too.

Tausha said...

ok-I love stuff! It rocks huh!
I would love to send you a crafty item! i do them all the time and i love to give them to peopl who would love them.

I am pretty sure I have your address. If I don't-i'll let you know! YEa-more free stuff.

You know-I will take a trade and post your fab ideas on my blog. I am serious about this. You know that I am ! Lucky you! Guess i better go to good will today and see what I can re-create!!

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