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Friday, June 6, 2008

Welcome to Jessica Land!

I took the kiddos to see "Horton Hears a Who" because I am the Best Mom evah! And also because it was at the dollar movies. It was a cute show and the kids were surprisingly well-behaved (apparently saving up all the whining, tears and mischief for the lunch after the movie...).

My favorite part?


Jan said...

I heard he was lds that produced the film. Anywho.. I really want to see this film. Thanks for the little blip. So cute.

Tausha said...

Yes, you really are the best mom ever! We have a theater here that show movies for a buck-too bad my kids didn't want to see it this week. Mayeb i will be able to mom of the year next week. i will take your advice and go straight home so there can be no meltdowns!

Heather said...


BkenneyBme said...

Hahahaha, that was awesome, it really is Jessica land, I now understand the blog title.

Amanda said...

Okay I want the preg. details now that I know!!!!!!

Do you get sick??? How are you feeling? How long have you known? and When are you due? Is that too much to ask???? LOL!

Lola said...

I especially love the part about the butterflies! Heh heh heh!
I have given you an award on my blog. You can post it on your blog, but don't feel obligated if you're not into it!
I think you are funny!!

Emma said...

I have got to see that movie with my family!

Jill said...

Do you think if I fed my three year old some rainbows, that he might poop butterflies?
I'm getting really tired of the regular old poop.

(Think of the potty training possibilities!)

Amber said...

Hey long lost twin- I called it- that's the quote we've been saying ever since we went to see it memorial day weekend.

I need to go look for some butterflies to feed my kids too.

Emily said...


did you say Jessica?
*evil grin*

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