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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

FHE: Conquering the Potty

Well, last night wasn't an official FHE. We didn't have an opening prayer or song. Instead, we celebrated a certain milestone in the Boy's development: using the potty.

Despite the agony I suffered the first week, this last week was not too bad. Sure, there were accidents but there wasn't any more swearing (at least not from me). And progress was made! He now prefers to wear underwear - and to keep them dry. He'll go to the potty all by himself, without being guided and without my suggesting that he do so. Now, if we can get him to put his underwear back on after being in the bathroom instead of holding them until he searches the house for me...

At the very beginning, when I was listing the different prizes he could win for his training successes, I offered to take him and his sister to Chuck E. Cheese when he used the potty for the solid stuff. I still cringe when thinking about our last trip to that establishment but since he loved it, it was good motivator. He had success on the Fourth of July but we delayed his reward, due to previous plans, until Monday night. Unfortunately, he got distracted once he got out of bed on Monday, didn't make it to the potty in time, and ended up pooping in his pull-ups. He was the one that suggested that maybe he couldn't go to Chuck E. Cheese and I went with it. However, he had success later in the day and then asked so very sweetly if maybe his reward might be reinstated. I had to agree. He deserved something after making so much progress.

Aunt Denise joined us because misery loves company to share in the children's joy. I had the Man serve as a ringer, gave him tokens with instructions to win copious amounts of tickets for his offspring. And boy, did he! I tell ya, skeet ball must be in that man's blood. After the cardboard pizza and loud games, the kids got to pick their prizes. Da Boo got another lizard, just like the one she got last time (hopefully it will last longer than a day) and the Boy got suckers - seven of them. At least he knows what he wants.

I suppose our closing song could be Chuck's birthday song, as it blared over the speakers at regular intervals. The kids were worn out by the time we left and went to bed with only the perfunctory objections. Then it was peace...sweet, sweet peace for the adults. And leftover birthday cake with homemade ice cream.

New things I am doing this week to "upgrade" the Boy's skills:
  • We're going to try standing up. I'll use Trix (because we don't currently have Froot Loops) for him to "aim" at in the potty.
  • He no longer gets a reward for each success. But whenever he gets re-dressed all by himself, he gets a tootsie roll. As funny as it is for him to fall asleep on the floor, half naked...
  • Poops on the potty still get special treatment (usually a Popsicle) since he is still working on this one.


Tipi said...

Left over birthday cake!
oh dear, who's birthday did I forget?

Emma said...

Yea for the Boy! Sounds like the potty training is getting easier!

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