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Sunday, April 27, 2008


I have the greatest friends and neighbors! Shortly after my last post was published, my doorbell rang. It was a very lovely woman who I am lucky enough to count as a friend. She immediately filled my arms with the makings for dinner and breakfast tomorrow as well as some yummy treats. I wanted to kiss her but her husband might get jealous so I just cried instead.

Then another friend insisted I bring the kids over Saturday morning to play so I could rest. I resisted but she was pretty adamant. I'm glad I let her help me because Saturday was by far the worse day yet. I have something like a weird combination of a chest cold, allergies and the flu. I returned home with visions of hot uninterrupted showers filling my head...only to promptly spew all over the kitchen. So the first half hour of "me" time was spent cleaning the kitchen floor.

I ended up calling in reinforcements after that. Aunt Denise came over after naptime and stayed until after bedtime. She ran the kids around outside while I passed out in bed. She made dinner while I sat and read a book. She cleaned my kitchen while I laid on the couch with a cold compress on my eyes. She dunked the dirty kids in the bathtub while I...actually, I don't remember what I did but I am sure I was useless. She is wonderful! And the best part? My children are still alive and did not need to be strapped to their beds.

Yet another friend is bringing me dinner tonight. (She is notoriously a healthy eater and I am not...so I told her she could bring me dinner as long as it wasn't healthy. She'll probably find some sneaky, tasty way to make me eat vegetables anyway.)

So those are my good overwhelmings...let me tell you the not-so-good.

Friday night the entire family was invited to a birthday party...at Chuck E. Cheese (did mothers everywhere just groan at the mention of that name?). Now, I knew that someday, I would have to enter that establishment so my kids could have the experience. I have fond memories of the place from when I was a kid. I hoped that the Man would have also been a part of that, so that way we could each chase a kid around. Not to be. The Man is gone away, leaving me for networks and servers and hubs and a bunch of other stuff that I don't understand but pays our bills. Still, it wouldn't have been such a bad thing if not for a couple factors: I had a painful cough and quickly ran out of cough drops, the party table was located right next to a gigantic speaker that constantly blared annoying "party" music as played by the robotic band on stage, and the Boy taking "freak out" to a whole new level on his very first game there.

To mark the occasion (discovering yet another ring in my personal hell), I had the kids sit in the car that takes your picture.

The Boy wanted to know who this person was beside him that kept talking to him. He decided Chuck was okay, since he never tried to grab the steering wheel.

Da Boo had been pulled away from her buds to get her picture taken so she was a little less excited about it, as can been seen in her ultra-posed smile.

After getting them in bed that night, I virtually collapsed. No wonder Saturday was so much harder. The good news? I have a doctor's appointment Monday morning! That's less than 24 hours away! Yipppeeee!


Emma said...

I hope you feel better! I am so glad you had reinforcements to help with the kids. I wish I had an Aunt Denise, she sounds amazing!

Kenney Crew said...

Glad that you have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow...sounds like you really need it. Hope you get some really good meds that will take care of everything. Get feeling better.

Rupper Family said...

Ugh, it's the worst when you feel cruddy and the kids still require their usual attention. You're so lucky to have support around, especially with your man gone. I hope you feel better, hopefully you'll get a prescription for some good drugs in the morning. Maybe good ol' Uncle Walt Disney can babysit and let you sleep too!

Jill said...

I hope the doctor can give you something to help you feel better.
There's nothing worse than feeling that lousy and having them say "It's a virus, it just needs to run it's course"

I remember being quite sick one time and the doctor was writing out a prescription for some really good cough medicine, and I happened to mention that I was breastfeeding, and she said "Well, then you can't take this, because it will make the baby kind of sleepy."
Like having a sleepy baby when you're sick would be a bad thing.
(No, I didn't take the medicine)

Amber said...

Yay for good friends! I hope the dr has a magic pill for you tomorrow!

Amanda said...

YOu poor girl! I am glad you have had help:) And I hope you get well very SOON!

Emily said...


Jess why haven't you mentioned Soup or tea?
Magic Tea!
Nothing in all the world works as well as Good Soup and Chamomile tea when you are sick.

Does you need me?

Kristie said...

I am SO SORRY!!!! I hope that you are feeling better today. I am glad that you got some help. I'll pray that you get over this soon!!

Kelly said...

Poor Jessiemadoodle. I hope the dr appointment went well this morning. I'm so glad to hear you have such great friends so close to you. I iwsh I could be there sweetie!

Jessica G. said...

Thank you to everyone for their kind words! While not feeling much better yet, I do have lots and lots of wonderful drugs to help. I was so afraid that the doc would say "Well, it's virus. Go home, rest, drink lots of fluids and be nice to your kids." Instead, he was horrified that I had let it go on so long without coming to see him sooner (what can I say? I'm the mom! I come last).

Lyn's Musings said...

I sowry you is sicky, Jess....Go get some 7up for your tummy, then lay down on the couch with your pillow and blankie, and watch some cartoons...That always made us feel better as kids, didn't it?

The best Mom ever! said...

so sorry that you are not feeling well. You are so lucky to have such good friends and neighbors. If i was close, i would bring you a good book and some very unhealthy treats. Hope that you rest alot and get better asap! just know that ur blogging friends are thinking of you.

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