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Monday, April 7, 2008

As If My Kids Aren't Hyper Enough

We took the kids to Kangaroo Zoo last week. They go nuts about this place so I didn't tell them we were going until the night before. Even at breakfast, they were super hyper, begging to leave immediately. We left after lunch (because I like to torture them).

This is a pretty cool place, full of bounce houses, slides and other inflatable fun things (although I don't think anyone working there has heard the concept of "dusting"). The first time we came, they were nearly paralyzed with joy but this time they were off running. One of their favorite things is a sea monster with other inflated sea creatures (picture above).

Here's da Boo, having a great time on another slide, followed closely by the Boy.

And here's the Boy...crying. He looks so little way up there...Then there's the 2 story tall slides. Da Boo loves these. The Boy does not. However, he follows her blindly and it's only when he's up at the very top that he remembers "Oh yes, I am terrified of heights." Well, that's probably what he says mentally but to everyone is just sounds like hysterical shrieking. I have to send da Boo up to try and talk him down (ie: grab his hand and try to haul him down the slide with her).

See this couch?

Very cool, no? It's possibly the most uncomfortable thing you've ever sat on - provided you haven't actually sat on a bed of nails. Hard, stiff plastic made to look like a comfy couch is just another way of lying. Kinda like breast implants.

So at one point, I'm just sitting around chatting (because it's what I do best) when this chunky lady with weird hair comes up to me.

"Your son is hitting my daughter," she informs me as my son hides behind my legs.

I kinda ignore her and grab my boy. "Are you hitting little girls?" I try to ask him but he wiggles free and runs away. I turn to shrug my shoulders at the other woman but she is already walking away. And I think she rolled her eyes. Still, punching other kids ain't cool, so I occasionally stroll around the place to keep on eye on the kid. Sure enough, I watch him push a little girl down a slide that he was waiting to go down. Uh oh. Hope that wasn't that lady's girl. Oops...looks like it was...here she comes again. I'll just escort my boy out of the way...Crisis averted. Then moments later, I am circling the area again, looking for my kid when I notice the other mom. I glance over where's she looking just in time to see my son haul a bigger kid down from a ladder. The bigger kid doesn't take to kindly to that and punches my kid something fierce. Mine goes down for the count, wailing pitifully. The other mom almost chuckles as she strolls away! That does it...we're leaving!

Just in case you were wondering...that last story is told from the "other mom's" perspective. It's an effort to put myself in her shoes, I suppose. And yes, my hair did look weird that day.


Nat said...

Where is the Kangaroo Zoo? Is it new or did I just not notice it when we lived there? It looks like fun! Sorry your kid beat up the other kids. My little man that is the same age as yours has been given the title of "The Alpha Male" in nursery. What can you do?

Kristie said...

Ha! Ha! Sorry to hear about the bully. It looks like a fun place. We have a place similar here that my kids love too!

Debi said...

When Steven was that age he bit 5 kids in the nursery during Primary (it was during the week then, and it only lasted about an hour!)....was I ever embarrassed!

Lindy said...

I love the "other perspective"--you're so funny and I would have chuckled too (out loud) if that had been me. What goes around comes around I guess. My kids adore Kangaroo Zoo and I loathe it for many reasons, including the oblivious moms and the "dust," I mean germs :) Yes, I am a freak.

BkenneyBme said...

Hey you went back and got pictures! I'm jealous.
They sure turned out great. And you got the couch too! That's funny.

Amber said...

LOL. I was trying to picture your little guy being the bully and couldn't. I would have chuckled too. It's all about karma baby!

Jo said...

I was just suprised at your hands off attitude with your kid. It was much better once I got the story straight. That place looks like FUN!

Sue said...

I LOVE Kangaroo Zoo. When you first said something about the chunky lady with the weird hair, I totally thought you meant me. Because the last time we went there, I had to practically shame this mother into watching her horrible, mean, bratty child.

I'll bet it was the same kid.

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